Friday, July 24, 2009

It's Friday of a L O N G week

There has been so much to do this week AND it has been really hot to add to the burden, too. I have not been able to get many things done that I wished to do. The knitting is almost at a standstill & although I've gotten a bit of the spinning done each day but one, it is not developing as quickly as I had wanted. Ah well, that is life & I am always happy to be enjoying it!
The garden is busy FINALLY as the weather has helped out by warming. We've had cucumbers, beets, & broccoli. The peas are ready to pick & there are raspberries & blackcaps in the fruit department. I picked the handful - & I mean literally only a handful - of pie cherries & added them to a qt in the freezer from last year.
The apples are coming along, there are but 2 pears that I can see, & the few plums are ripening OK. We can't figure out what weather anomalies caused the pears, cherry & plums to miss pollination while the apples were super successful.
We have been able to ride into work on "Howard Harley" several days this week. I enjoy the ride in the cool mornings, but the late afternoons / early evening rides home are HOT - we even had to forgo wearing our leather jackets one day!
The plan for the weekend is to pick some blackberries down by the rivers.

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