Wednesday, July 17, 2019

July 17

It has been a couple of rough days.  Things were going swimmingly until yesterday.  msH had been here for the weekend and we had a fun time going to the Grazing Hills Fiber Festival on Sunday.  We did some cleaning up on Monday and grampa supervised her dirt bike riding.  
Then on Tuesday we went to pick cherries at Nelson Orchard in Troy.  Lovely cherries and lots of them, too were to be had.  msH helped pick and ate her share of fruit, too 😍.  We were about half way through picking when I stepped into a hole on my way to empty my bucket.  Of course I took a hard tumble.  And as if I did not have enough trouble with my right Achilles tendon, I managed to twist my bad hip and smash my damaged knee.  Lucky, I guess, for me I didn't seem to have hurt the bad tendon.  But now I'm back to square one it seems on getting mobile and less pain.
I'm getting pretty tired of this nonsense.
I'm up to date on the TdF, having spun each day, including rest day #1.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

July 13

msH & I went to the farmer's market today.  We got cherries, apriums, peach-plum-cots, cauliflower, & some really good cookies.  msH got a flower doll from a young lady who makes them herself from artificial flowers and yarn.  She does a good job and it is something msH likes to collect.

Tomorrow is our trip to the Grazing Hills Ranch Fiber Festival.  It was also going on today, but I can't do two heavy duty trips in one day, so we will go tomorrow.

I plan to do my day's spinning this evening after the garden is watered and such.

July 11-12

A wee bit more heat, but not too much.  I'm still unsure about the garden.

Got the spinning done, but need to take pictures of the 2 spindle shafts.

More PT, but my ankle does not seem to be getting better.  Today the therapist put a brace on.  It does seem to help.  He told me it was plan B since A did not seem to be working.

Friday, July 12, 2019

July 8-10

We have been getting bids for the insulation and the wiring in the "man cave".  As soon as that work is done I get to have my space in the garage (one can't quite call it a "she shed", but it will do).
Weather has been cooler than normal, although anymore what is normal?  Some of the garden is doing well and some is not.  We shall see at end of season how we fared.
I'm up to date on my spinning of the "Tour de Fleece".  Here is a pic of yesterday's work.

Sunday, July 07, 2019

July 7

There was a nice song service at church this morning.  Our new pastor arrives next week.  This time we get a lady pastor.  I haven't had one of those since I was a teenager and still at home - what memories (well a few still due to the head bonk, but they are there).
It is the second day of Tour de Fleece - the spinning sister to the Tour de France and I've done my daily spin.
This is from day 1 & 2.

July 5 & 6

It was back to working around the house with the Mister doing some weed and pest control and me doing a bit of outdoor work and then some inside work.
We find we have to do our work in smaller batches as doing the "long haul" is just too exhausting.  Does not do any good to work one's self to dropping and then taking far longer to recover than doing the work & rest in increments.

Going to the Saturday Farmer's Market is a treat.  We  got cherries, apricots, tomatoes and cucumbers.  

Friday, July 05, 2019

July 3 & 4

We had a quiet Fourth of July.  
On Wednesday we did work around home, then Thursday morning we went to the Johnson Fire Dept breakfast and watched the Johnson parade.  Afterward we took the day off and just relaxed.  
Then in the evening we made a BBQ with brats and had devilled eggs with them.  The supper was topped off with pie. 
We don't go into Pullman for fireworks anymore as it is just too late for us when they are done.  

Tuesday, July 02, 2019

July 1 & 2

And now it's July!
The shop is nearly done and the Mister is figuring how he will get all of his stuff in there.
We picked strawberries and had some shortcake - Ummmm.
Most of the rest of the garden is still slow due to the unseasonal cool.  But we will have fruit as there are pears, plums & a few apples on the trees.  The other berries are blooming and promise a good crop.

June 29-30

The last two days of June were preparing for our #2 GS 16th birthday on June 30.
His mom & mrK gave him a shrimp boil party and there was a big crowd.  They got him a car for his gift (not a new one, of course) and he was pretty excited to be able to anticipate taking himself to places instead of having to get a ride.
The weather was great and it was a good time all around - the smalls were swimming in gramma Kate's pool and the bigs sat around and talked, etc.
One's family is the best to have around for a "do" like this.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

June 24 - 28

It's Vacation Bible School time.

June 24: I made (8) 1/2-pints of strawberry/rhubarb jam

June 26: I made (8) 1/2-pints of strawberry/rhubarb/pear jam

June 21-23

We're camping at Winchester Lake State Park.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

June 20

It is cool and cloudy today.  
I'm not sure I'll get to the quilting as I forgot to go get the dance photos I had copied.  So I will have to go to town and figured I'd get the camping supplies also, while I am there. 
Tomorrow I'll just go to the PT & pick up msH.
Then we'll be off to the woods.   

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

June 19

Lots of wind last night and today, plus it is cooling off a bit.  There is a chance of rain in the forecast.

I transplanted the cucumbers and the basil, then I did some watering as there has not been any rain for a while and forecasts can't be trusted around here.
The mister finished filling the keyhole bed with soil so it will be ready for next year's growing season or maybe some this fall if the weather works out well.

Then I did some resting as my tendon is tender after the PT yesterday.  Tomorrow I want to do some quilting.  Then I have to prepare for our camping trip on the weekend.

June 17 & 18

msH wanted to stay for a couple of days, so we had G-grand daughter time and got a few things done, too.

Gramma did a bit of sewing with some friends and grampa took her to help him get some soil for the garden beds.  Then he took her on his walk, she rode her motorcycle.

On Tuesday she visited with her friends next door until it was time for gramma to go to PT; she was dropped off at home after a good time.

June 16

The BIG SHOW was a smashing success.  msH was a star - she did really well in her dances.
After we went to have ice cream - she ate an whole banana split by herself with just a tiny bit of help from uncle D.  She was so excited by her third year dance trophy.

Today I get to go to wool gatherers - we're going to make felted stones.  They are so cute when put into things.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

June 14 & 15

These days are taken mostly with msH's dance recital.

Friday we had practice and
Saturday we have the "BIG SHOW".

June 13

Another hot day.  I am so tired already.  I have PT again today, so my day will be broken up again.

The pictures from msH's dance class came; they are very nice.  I shall go over to Archer's and have copies made for the rest of the families.  I'm hoping she will want to continue with the dance.  It is good for her energy and will help her to become a more graceful woman.  OK, so that is sexist and biased, but I feel that we, as women, owe it to our younger sisters to make sure than they keep their femininity while always striving to have equality for all.

drMolly, the BeanQueen