Sunday, December 09, 2018

the cold sets in, BRRRRRRRR

December 5: temperatures are dropping, but not any snow to speak of yet.  
I got a list of Christmas "wants" from almost everyone & am now starting to get some ideas.  
The mister, however, is difficult to the last.

December 6:  REALLY cold this AM - down in the teens.  I'm off to the eye doctor to see if the corneal disturbance is any worse - I am not in the mood to have to have a transplant right now 😒.
The referral for the orthopedic doctor is finally here, so now we wait to see how long it takes to get an appointment.  The 'damn' knee will be healed up (all wrong, of course) before I get anywhere.  
I am working right now on some hats for the community food bank - our community food bank has all sorts of help available.  
That's on of my mantras: GIVE HELP IN YOUR OWN COMMUNITY AND YOU CAN SEE IT WORK.  It won't go to administrators since all of our folks are volunteers.

December 9, 2018: msH & I made lots of cookies this weekend.  There were gingerbread AND sugar cookie cut-outs, rice krispie treats, and butterscotch/vanilla chip cookies.  She went home with a big box full.  If we get more time we will make some more.  She LOVES to decorate the cut-outs.  
We got our lights up only to find that some of the strings do not work.  And they are the LED ones; it is so annoying to have to replace the whole string.  What a waste of resources.
Snow is forecast for the middle of next week.

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

ACK! 21 days until Christmas

December 4:   It's the day after the big birthday - yes, msH is now 6 years old.  Her cake of choice was Sally from the Nightmare before Christmas.  Her mom made a very good cake and, of course, presents were the main focus.

I'm still focusing on the down-sizing, but also trying to deal with holiday gifts, too.  This knee thing is a big pain in the action.

OK, more tomorrow after I have a bit more of an idea about what we are getting everyone.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Almost December 😲 😲

November 26: Well, I managed to drive to get msH to her dance.  It was not the easiest thing to do, get in & out of the car with this brace on, but we did OK.  She does like dance; "gramma, I get to do chasse a lot, I like that".

November 27: Have not heard back about the result of the MRI.  I hope the information comes soon as I'm getting tired of my leg hurting and the roadblocks to my getting things done.  I started working on one of the flannel quilts.  There was a top in the donated fabric and I am piecing squares from my mom's stash (I inherited it as my sisters don't quilt) to use as a backing.  I plan to get perhaps a flannel sheet for a batt or get the thinnest batt I can so as not to make it too bulky.  I'm also planning to tie it - a nice snuggly soft quilt for someone.
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November 30: Well, finally heard back from doctor - I have a torn meniscus.  Now waiting to get referral to the orthopedic surgeon to see what will be done about it.  Thus I am still on crutches and with a brace. 
It's the last day of November, rain mixed with snow and cold for the weather.  I'm still working on down-sizing and organization.  It is an activity that actually makes one feel quite accomplished.  And the house looks better too 😃😃😃😃.
Today I am working in the office where I have some other things stored along with the office supplies.  There is a mish-mash of things: cooking & canning supplies, some craft supplies, the cabinet of spinning fiber, and miscellaneous msH toys.  So, it will be a job to figure out what needs to go.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Thanksgiving week

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 November 20: I went to Wool Gatherer's Stash Bash and sold and gave away the SW yarn & fiber, plus some red & green crochet thread (the ones I wound up with from one of the Palouse Patchers give-aways, they could not get rid of - but I know crocheters, LOL).
msH came with me and met some old friends; they all had a good time and so did all of the adults.  The food was excellent as always.  I managed to only come away with some vintage circular knitting needles, steel crochet hooks and one spinning magazine (it had ideas for color work sweaters made from one's own spinning, but I really liked the ideas and figured it would work with commercial or hand spun).

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  We will have the west coast part of our family here.  We have to call the east coast part.  We'll have the traditional turkey dinner, but I don't have to make it all.  I'm just contributing the turkey, stuffing, gravy and some hot rolls.
I am nearly finished with the craft room, but there still will not be enough room for it all.  AND I have down-sized a lot.  I'll have to put my batting and the wool fabric into the office with the spinning fiber.  But I'm progressing in the removal of things from our home.  I feel proud of myself. 

Our Thanksgiving was so nice.  The kids did most of the work so I could rest my leg.  The turkey turned out great, the ham was so flavorful and all of the trimmings were so good.  Everyone had a full tummy.

November 25:  I, of course, have been doing a lot of resting.  I had an MRI on Saturday and should know tomorrow what results there are.  I'm getting pretty tired of this nonsense and hope it will be over soon.
I can't get much done craft wise, but have been working on some knitted blankets while I've been sitting.  I have one made with left over sock yarn and one made with leftover worsted.  I need to get started on the other socks for msH, too, as well as all my other work.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018


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November 12: Today I got the other two cabinets up in my craft room.  They will hold yarn and fabric.  As I sorted my fiber I will sort my yarn.  Getting rid of all SW wools and most of the acrylic - only saving my bear, monster & donation hat yarns.  Then it will be the massive chore of reducing the fabric stash 😳😳.
It was cold today, but no snow yet - GOOD.

November 13:  Down sizing is a BIG job !  I have been working most of the day; I have most of the yarn in cubbies and am now emptying the shelves in the open closet.  There are things in there that have not seen the light in years 😱.  But I am getting that sort of thing sorted out - it’sthe “frog”, finish or donate piles in action.

November 20: Large gap. 
REASON:  I managed to sprain my knee and the doc thinks I may have torn the meniscus 😒.  I have to wait for the swelling to go down to get an MRI.
I am doing my best to get work done around here, but a bad knee slows one down.  I did order & get some metal storage cubbies to finish some of the 
"down-size/organize" in the craft room.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Fall finishes

The "old homestead" is nearly ready for winter.  Just a few things left to do.  And at the moment the rain has been holding off so it may be able to be finished this week.  Well, one can always hope 😍😍.

OK, it's almost there.  There's only beets to harvest, filling the berry cage with straw and securing the snow tarp for the chicken cage.  This morning I re-hooked up the water heater for the chix - it is freezing again.
Finished rainbow socks for msH - she now wants a pair for home so she can leave these here.  Working on bamboo tape vest and trying to get UFO's done so can work on new projects 😩😩.

AHA!  we are winterized!  The mister & I had our 25th anniversary yesterday, we went to breakfast on Saturday and supper last night.  More food than we needed, but, then msDaisy scored and she can't resist people food. 

I got one of my cabinets up and have all of my spinning fiber stored.  I went through it, took out all the SW and fibers I did not want.  That is going to the Wool Gatherer's autumn Stash Bash next Sunday and I'll either sell it or give it away.  
I'm doing a pretty good job of down-sizing so far.  It is difficult for this old dog to learn new tricks, BUT what in the heck do we need at this stage of life anyway.  If someone else can make use of our stuff, why not?

Friday, October 26, 2018

Autumnal happenings

It took much longer than I would have liked to beat the sickies.  In fact there is still some lingering unpleasantness.

But msH & I went to the Wool Gatherers retreat this last weekend.  It was a great time.  There were 2 other little girls there, too so our plan to learn to knit went by the wayside.  The class I taught in how to make a braided rug was very good.  There was real interest in the subject & one of my friends and I are going to try to find sources of recycled woolens so we can make some big rugs.

I'm still working on the fall button-up.  There are a few things left, but now that I feel a bit better I think it may be finished soon.

My DD graduated from University with her MS on Sunday.  They were in Chicago, so I didn't get to attend, but she sent pictures & we got to share in those.  I am one proud mama, I have to tell you!!!

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Life in the slowest lane

Welcome to sick season.  Wouldn't you know it; as soon as msH gets to go to school she brings home kid germs, which of course get passed to her family.  And, then, of course, they go to others.  And, as Murphy's Law kicks in it is a especially virulent one that is making the rounds.

We are trying to get ready for the winter coming.  But on Saturday the mister fell down the neighbor's steps and landed on his back.  H broke 2 ribs and got a bunch of bruises, etc.  So, it put a big kibosch on our work.

Hopefully things will be better soon.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Monday, Monday

Egad!  time flies whether one is having fun or not.

Busy, busy here getting ready to go into the cold season.  I've nearly finished the garden; but still have the berries to get set for winter.  The winter pears are the only fruit left, but we have to wait until it starts freezing to get them.  

We have had one killing frost, but not too bad; basically took out the remaining cucumbers and my dahlia.  It topped the sweet potatoes, but I'm waiting until a bit later to dig them as they are not dead from it.

I'm finishing long waiting UFO's.  That is one of my "fight depression" goals.  Positive thinking and positive action tied with "better living through chemistry" are my weapons.  I made up my mind that now is the time to get these things out of here.  If I can't stand to finish them, then they are going. 

'the mister' went on his last bike ride of the season.  He got wet, but enjoyed himself.  Now we are waiting for our motor home to be finished (there were some things that needed attention) and we will take it for our maiden voyage before it gets winterized.

It's a wonderful life.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

September 11 - our day of infamy

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drMolly, the BeanQueen