Monday, October 17, 2016

Home again - 'dang it'

And back to doing all the needed stuff before I can focus on doing "fun stuff".
Thank goodness for retreats !!  & massages, too - we had our own message therepist at camp ;~)

It's raining again so I will put my major efforts into the inside today.  I do have to seam up msH's costume so I can try it on her for size this afternoon when I take her to dance class.  Some cleaning, laundry & cooking will take up my day today, I think.  

BUT...... I plan to do a tiny bit of spinning this evening.  I spun nearly an entire 8 oz. white roving while at camp and want to finish so I can do plying with my earlier spun orange wool.  I don't know what these wools were as they were some I got from Jenny's memorial stash and they had no labels.  I think the white one is a superwash BFL, though from the feel of the fibers and its staple length.  I think the orange was some merino from the softness, but it was a shorter staple.
So, later (probably much later) there will be a pic of spun & plied yarn for all to enjoy, ;~) ;~)

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Pre-Wool Gatherer's Retreat

Raining today.  Cold.  I'm trying to get ready to go to retreat.  Busy, busy, busy.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Autumnal musings & new toys for the mister

It's definitly fall here.  It's been raining cold intermitantly for several days now.  Not freezing yet, other than the couple of cold ones that caught my cold intolerant plants.  I've started the run-up to winter in the garden, berry patches & orchard by cleaning, pruning, & putting away tools & hoses.  I've secured some horse manure for the rhubarb & the asparagus, dug all of the potatoes, pulled out all of the corn stocks & am getting the last of the veggie harvests underway.

I'm looking toward the battening down for winter inside, too. Getting some deep cleaning done before the "close up the house" for good time.  There is always a bit to do before the snuggle down & keep warm time comes.

I got some new yarn for msH's sweater and finished up her pair of socks.  I've reached the sleeves on my big sweater and am slowly getting that done.  My 2 pairs of socks at one time suffered a set-back when I frogged back to the start - I did not like the way the cable looked, so just decided to do plain vanilla socks.  I'm also starting a horse costume for her Halloween celebrating.

I'm getting ready to go to Wool Gatherer's Fall retreat next weekend.  I've all the material for the class I'm teaching & will get my spinning wheel & other thing ready in the next few days.  I'm so looking forward the the time off from home - I am still dealing with a lot of depression from my dad's passing & I'm hoping being with my friends & fellow "wool lovers" will help me some.


the mister got himself a brand new motorcycle.  It's a 2017 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic.  Of course he is over the moon.  I have to admit that it does ride nicely and is more roomy and cush than the old one.  And, as I've said many times - "you only live once on this plain".

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Simply Saturday

The mister had to drive the school bus for the team down to OR last night and got home REALLY late.  Thus, he slept in while I went to the market.  I got some nice squash & pumpkins, plus some peppers and more honey for the winter.
Today I plan to put the potatoes in some big bags for storage.  I hope they will last well enough in the garage as they are somewhat "early" type spuds.  We shall see.  
Then we will take the extra straw to the compost site and the mister will rototill up my gardens for the fall.  I hope to get some manure to put down too.

I'm working on my sweater, msH's socks, my socks as well as some quilting.  Slow, but sure, I hope.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thoughts on Thursday

Image result for autumn clip art
Happy Autumnal Equinox to all.  Autumn IS my favorite season - who knows why as it is the time of nature hunkering down for winter - but there it is.
Bone Density Scan today, then back to work on preparing for the coming cold season.  I hope to get some apples done today - maybe make some canned apple slices as I've not done that in quite some time.  Also hope to do some sewing.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

terrific Tuesday

It's cool & cloudy today.  Had to go to doc to have my shoulder checked.  I had an x-ray & will do some physical therapy.  If that doesn't help & the x-ray shows some stress from my arthritis I may be able to have some surgery that will relieve some of the pain.  Hope the PT works as I hate surgeries.

Planted my garlic today.  But not much else got done out there due to time constraints.  Hope to do more tomorrow.  Have to go on Thursday to get a bone density scan.  This getting old stuff is a "pain in the patoot!" is what I have to say.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Making it on Monday

It is difficult to get back into the swing of things, but "tempus fugit" & what must be done, must be done!  I've the calendar of things to be done for winter in the making and am starting on some things that can be done this early.  Garlic planting is first on the schedule and then on to other needs.

I've started a pair of socks for msH and am continuing on my sweater, my own socks and bears for TMBP.  I want to start the next shawl in the Shawl Society set - I've only completed one of six, - see a sad, but very busy knitter here.

My grieving is still putting a damper on my progress, but the work helps me lose myself so as not to feel the hurt so badly.  One way of coping, I guess.
Image result for corn clip art
I'm making veggie fritatta for supper.  When the mister gets home from work we'll have that and some of the last of the fresh corn. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Home and preparing for autumn & winter

Frost touched down a bit here last night.  "Kissed" the cucumbers & the dahlias so I know is was here.
I'm beginning the preparations for the cold.  Before I left for my dad's service & such I got the berries pruned, but need to tie them up for winter.  Today I dug the extra tulip bulbs so I can separate & gift them to my friends.  Next year those out front and the daffodils will be divided.
The early corn is past its prime so I shall have to turn it into soup corn.  I've not tried the later variety yet, but hope there may be some to eat fresh.
I've a few tomatoes to pick and some beets & carrots to dig, but they can wait a bit.
I've cleaned the craft room so now I can begin my quilting projects again.  I still have to clean off the cutting table as that is where I have placed pictures & things from my dad's place.  There is, of course, more to come when we finish up over there, but for now I have to deal with that which I brought back this time.  I have hung a couple of the quilts I took down while there, tho'.
I crocheted 3 bears for TMBP while I was at the homestead; they need stuffing & faces, but then will be ready to send.
I'm trying to keep busy so as not to lose myself in grief, but it is ver hard.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A time of Remembering

Will be gone for a couple of weeks to the old homestead to deal with the passing of the last member of "The Greatest Generation" from our family.

Memories and tears.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Rest

Yesterday I discovered (AGAIN) that I am not the energy-filled young one I used to be :~(.

I came home from my weekly shopping trip absolutely exhausted. Now I know that much of that is due to the stress I've had due to my dad's passing.  But, "boy-howdy" it was still a shocker.  I had to sit down as soon as I got here & wait to unload the car - luckily no perishables. Then pretty much the rest of the evening was "trashed".  

I took mrD out to supper before I brought him back to his mom, then I came back home and just read or played a game on my phone - OK I know, what a waste of time! - until I went to bed early.

I got peaches yesterday from the farmer's market and will dry & freeze them before I go to the homestead for ceremonies & much clean-up work.  We may not get much of our corn this year due to the absences, but I hope to find it a good home before it is wasted.  Don't have to worry about the potatoes, though, as they will stay good in the soil until they are dug.

I finished off harvesting the onions the other day and they are now dry & ready to be put away.  Not a great harvest, but useful all the same.

drMolly, the BeanQueen