Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Trying on Tuesday

to get caught up.
Last week started well; we worked on the greenhouse for a couple of days and got the base, the front & back, and the sidewalls up. 
Then, I got sick and did not feel like working on anything - a summer cold sure takes the starch out of one.
And then, of course, it started raining again.  We just did not feel the need to work in the rain and get soaked.  But it is forecast to be dry for a couple of days so we plan to go out & work this afternoon and tomorrow - I have to take my car for service this morning.

Yesterday at the Wool Gatherers meeting we did fiber/yarn dying with KoolAid and with some regular acid dyes.  It was so much fun.  Check out our Facebook page for photos.

msH had her dance recital and all of the dancers did a great job.  I'll try to get some pictures from the rest of our family to show as I did not take any, being the "over-see er" for the time to get to the staging.

Have a pleasant & productive day 😊😊

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Working on Wednesday

I've managed to finish weeding the blueberries and the raspberries - one small step forward.  
I started watching the video on how to set up the greenhouse so we're going to try to work on it tomorrow morning before it gets too hot to work out there.  

the mister got the creek and the alley-way weed whacked, what a job.  Now to see if we can keep it down too.  All that rain just made the vegetation grow rampant.

Finished the unicorn shorts & shirt for msH.  She wants to wear them when she goes to VBS camp the last week in June.  

Her "big show" for dance is this Saturday.  She is looking forward to performing even in her cast 

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Soggy Sunday

Yesterday more rain; well at least I don’t have to water.  But how are those veggies ever going to grow?
Went to the Genesee Quilt Show yesterday after weekly shopping.  The quilts were great, but walking between car and community center was not.  Genesee, unfortunately, had to call off some of its Community Day celebrations due to the rain.
So, I got in some more sewing and some knitting.
I finished another monster for msH - Dot the dress-up monster.  

and worked on my fingering weight sweater - the Sock Arms Sweater by Stephanie Lotven.  

And it looks like more indoor work today.

Saturday, June 09, 2018

Simply Saturday

So many things to do and when the end of the day comes I am too tired to remember to write in the blog.
Any-hooo, it's a rainy day here & I just got back from shopping and then going to the Genesee Quilt Show.  So, I figured I'd better put something in here or folks may think I dropped off the earth.

The garden is all in, now to have some reasonable weather to help the veggies grow.  There are pie cherries, pears & some plums on the trees so we won't be short of fruits.  The berries are all blooming and if I can keep the birds out there will be some treats there, too.

I got the greenhouse unpacked just in time for it to get all wet.  As soon as it clears up we can start construction.  I can't wait to see it up.  There are two garden beds to finish, too.

I got a bit more sewing in, too.  Finished another pair of underwear and then some shorts for msH.  Since she can't sew due to the cast on her arm I figured I'd better get her clothes done, too.  There are two tops and another pair of shorts to go.  Then I plan to work on some quilts and a skirt for myself, perhaps a dress, too.

Monday, May 28, 2018

making on Monday

  The gardens are nearly all planted; there's just the cucumbers, okra and corn to put in.  There is lettuce nearly ready to harvest and lots of things coming up which will provide us with good veggies in the future.
  The fruit trees that still survive have set on fruits; luckily not as many as last year, with the exception of the prune-plum, I think it bloomed itself out last year and has to re-coup this year.  But there are pie cherries, pears on both trees, and yellow plums babies on the trees.
  I've put flowers out in the pots in front and planted a couple of new perennials and 2 new iris in the back.  
  I still have to get the greenhouse up and the two new garden beds, but they will be ready for next year before summer is over.  
  We have contracted for the concrete work and it will be done before summer is over also.  It will be nice not to have that mud all over out there; happy, happy face here.

Image result for memorial day clipartIt's memorial day here in the US, a day to honor all of our fallen soldiers.  We thank them again for their service to our country and for some of them the ultimate sacrifice.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

working on Wednesday

Busy around here: happy events, gardening & birthday; unhappy events, raccoons killed all of the small chickens (only saving grace was the DD took hers home before the slaughter).

Rain & rain leading to flooded yard and much dampness is hampering planting a bit, but I just go out between and "mud" in stuff.  I've some veg coming up and the transplants seem to be doing OK.  

There is fruit set, too, so bees got in there during some of the dry spells.  The berries are starting to bloom so the fruit/veg season is beginning again 💖💗💖💗😃

Sunday, May 13, 2018


missing my mom - it's hard no matter how long she has been gone.

I hope my daughter msK, daughter-in-law another msK, and my G-grand daughter msH's mom msM are having a great day!

Thursday, May 03, 2018

Thoughts on Thursday

Spring, spring, spring                       
Image result for smiley face clip art
 So nice to have sun and warm - now on to all that spring work, LOL.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Terrific Tuesday

Image result for spring clipart
It's finally SPRING.  

We have had temps in the high 60's and sun for more than one day in a row.  I've been able to work in the garden & fruit areas.  I finished putting up the Cascade berries, trimmed winter kill from & tied up the raspberries.  I measured for the cherry tree cage and will get the PVC when I go shopping next.  

PLUS.....I have the area staked out where the greenhouse will go.  I plan to build a 2X4 frame of treated lumber, bigger than the house itself, and fill it with pea gravel for good drainage under the house.
msH & I planted seeds while she was here this Monday.  We put in some peas, kale, spinach, kohlrabi, and lettuce.  We put her 3 little kohlrabi plants in the cold frame - these are ones she started in her tiny inside greenhouse.
I cleaned up innumerable branches from the neighbor's stupid trees.  It is extremely annoying to have to do someone else's yard work.
I also planted some sweet peas and put in some bulbs that I found in my garage 'frig.  Not sure when I got these, but obviously after last fall when it would have been better to plant them.  Must have been a good bargain, LOL.
I have been doing a bit of knitting and want to get in some sewing, too.  msH cut out some garments so she can make herself a pair of shorts and a top.  She picked out the fabrics; there are unicorns on one and sparkly butterflies on the other.
I want to make myself some underwear that FITS and perhaps a cool summer skirt, too.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Working on Wednesday

Image result for berry clipartPretty much just getting the house cleaned and hoping for better weather so to work outside.

I did get the Cascade berries uncovered.  
Now I have to put up the poles for support and get the vines up on them - a scratchy chore as they are loaded with prickles.

I hope to get some cold weather crops in this weekend.  It has been so cold and wet that it is hard to plan much.  But I figured I could at least get in some clean up out there. 

I also plan to get some measurements for the greenhouse placement.  I'm going to build a framework of treated lumber (bigger than G-house) and fill it with small gravel for drainage.  Then we'll assemble the G-house on the gravel.  I've 2 more garden beds to build, too.  
I want to get another strawberry bed in also.  Then I can finish taking out the berries on the ground.  

The small chickens are getting all of their regular feathers and will soon be old enough to be introduced to their older pen mates.  We'll keep 3 and send the other 5 off to my DD's place.  

Hope you all are having productive, enjoyable days.

drMolly, the BeanQueen