Monday, July 17, 2017

Making it on Monday

Some of the heat has backed off, for which I am truly greatful!

I've been picking berries; the strawberries are done, the black caps nearly done, the cascade berries about half through and the early raspberries about half also - late ones to come in September.
There are not many veggies, but a few will be able to make their maturity, I think.  There WILL be potatoes as they did not seem to be bothered by the unstable weather.  The garlic is nearly ready to be pulled and onions, too.  A few fava pods are in show and the corn plants are finally "knee-high".  Few beans are on the horizon as the hot weather just did them in.  There will be some carrots and a few beets.  The cucumber plants are finally taking off, but we shall see if there is enough time to get any of them.

I'm making bread today and plan to try to get a pie made, too.

I've completed the main freezer clean and now have to catalogue and return the contents to the correct freezer. It will be nice to have one for meats and one for fruits & veggies.

I've photographed the TSS II shawl #1 "the Fairyhill Shawl" and posted on Ravelry.  I even got it together and entered all of my on-going projects in there, too 😇😇.  I finished up the stabilizing of the bedspread that my mom asked me to do so many years ago.  Sorry it took me so long mom;  I hope you can see it now from Paradise.  I'm working on some UFO quilts, too.

OK, on to the rest of the day.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Well, it's nearly official

my folks homestead has been sold and it will be divided into those 5 acre parcels.  No more family farm, no more lovely woods for animals to find refuge, just people, people, poeple. I will NEVER go back there!!!  I would not be able to stand it. 

The world around me is crumbling even as we speak.  I don't understand why people can let these thing happen.  Where are those idealists of my youth?  Why do people just worship money and power now?

I'm so disappointed in people.  Why do they have to be so selfish?  What will our grand children do with a world that does not have its priorities in the right place.  There is so little that we as people who care can do.  I hope that all of you are doing what you are able.

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Thoughts on Thursday

Some thoughts.........I am having some closure on my parent's passing.  We did "the last supper" and my sisters & I finished dividing the things left when the folks died.  I do not plan to return to the homestead again; it is just too sad for me.  I am having such a bad time with grief that I do not want that added burden.  And to see it cut up into little 5 acre parcels will be too much to bear.

The peas were ready to pick when we got home and I got enough fresh peas for 2 meals.  The strawberries were ready, too, so we will have some fresh ones & some for the freezer.  Of course the weeds are going crazy.  
AND to top things off I got a summer cold so I feel very miserable and have no impetus to go out and work in the heat.  And, boy! is it hot now.

Crafts are slightly on the back burner now with gardening, etc. to deal with, but I get a little done. Several projects in the works: shawls, socks, quilts, & sorting through pictures so we don't leave the back log to the kids like my sisters & I had.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Long HOT days of summer are here,

finally - although I do think I could do without.  There's not going to be much of a garden harvest this year.  First it's too cold to get things in and then it just cooks them.  
We have to be gone from Wednesday through Sunday and I'm afraid the few peas that are there will be too old when we get back.  The beans had such a slow start and they just can't seem to get going even with the heat.  It is depressing all the way 'round.

We're going for "the last supper" at the old homestead.  The sibs figure it will be the last time we can all get together before the property is no longer in our family.  I'm so sad, even when I KNOW that it has to be.  We'll be bringing back some things that we get from the homestead stash.  WE want everyone to take as much as they are able to as the rest will be going to charity.  We thought we might have a estate/yard sale, but it is just too difficult to co-ordinate with everyone so far away.

I've been slowly getting some quilting done and a bit of knitting & spinning.  When I come in from working out in the heat I am too tired to get much done.  Ane today I need to make bread - something I do enjoy, but does take time.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Post camping

We had a great time even if some of the days were cool & rainy. msH loved the fact that we could have a campfire and roast marshmallows & hot dogs.  Doesn't it always seem that all children LOVE fires.
We got some walks in, some books read and just did a lot of lazing around.  the DH forgot to put in the fishing gear so he didn't get to go fishing.  But he didn't seem to mind too much.
All in all a good time.

It's now back to the "grind".  I'm working on gardens, the mister on new sides for the utility trailer and once we get back from "the last supper" and the BIG yard sale we will be tackling the gutters & replacing the wood around the edges of the roof.  LOTS of work to get done.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

better late than never

I've no excuse 😞, so on with it.
The weather has not been co-operative about gardening, but that must get done anyway.  So today I'm planting out the corn sprouts as we are going camping up to Winchester tomorrow for 4 days.  
It's forecast to be cold up there, too.  
I'm working on several hobby projects and will post pics when more progress is made.
We got msH's dance pictures yesterday so I shall take some off the CD & post them here, too.
Hope we ALL have a better week !

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Thoughts on Thursday

It's June 1 already !  Ah yes, the older one becomes, the faster the time goes.
A bit of rain today-a relief from the sudden hot weather.  Yup!  the Palouse, where one never knows how the 
weather will treat one.  First we "drown" then we "cook".   
Image result for green bean clip artI got some more veggies in the ground: fava beans, cucumbers & a few more potatoes.  The soil for the beans has been tilled and I hope to start the planting today.  There are "baby beans" to get into the soil so they can give us lots of green beans later this summer.                                                                                  

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

And a good Wednesday to you all

It is sunny for the third day in a row!!! 😂

I got some of the veggie starts into the ground and some of my flowers are now in pots out front.

And, I plan to get more out there.  I see some of the beans in the little pots are poking their heads out so we might get some of them, too.
The wind is blowing hard today and my little peas are being tossed about and knocked off their trellis.  The are too small to have had a good tight hold.
And we are further blessed by the fact that there were those 2-3 days of interspersed sunshine during the rain-rain-rain. The cherry, plums & pears have little baby fruits set on 😍 so there will be some fruit this year.  The apple is blooming now so it most likely will set some too due to the warm sunny days right now.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Happy Birthday to ME ! 🎂

Today I am 69 - well into "old batdom" 

I have had some BD wishes and the DH gave me some very nice gifts.

I plan to do what I want today (barring, of course, the things that MUST be done everyday)  and enjoy the day.  

AND the sun came out for my birthday - I AM really special doncha' think 😍😍😍

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

It's Tuesday

A long weekend with grands; something we enjoy so much, but get S O O tired.

Could not get much work done as of course it was wet. Methinks we've changed sides of the mountains when we weren't looking.

Worked on a bit of knitting.  I finished one baby monster but for eyes & mouth.  Did a tiny bit of spinning, but when grands are here we are often doing something with them.

All-in-all a good weekend and I'm trying to catch up as much as I can today.  

We did have one sad event.  One of the young chickens - of course it was one of the colored egg laying pullets - seems to have disappeared into thin air.  No feathers, no broken fence, no sign of her anywhere.  One of those mysteries of nature. 😢😢😢

drMolly, the BeanQueen