Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Working on Wednesday

Image result for berry clipartPretty much just getting the house cleaned and hoping for better weather so to work outside.

I did get the Cascade berries uncovered.  
Now I have to put up the poles for support and get the vines up on them - a scratchy chore as they are loaded with prickles.

I hope to get some cold weather crops in this weekend.  It has been so cold and wet that it is hard to plan much.  But I figured I could at least get in some clean up out there. 

I also plan to get some measurements for the greenhouse placement.  I'm going to build a framework of treated lumber (bigger than G-house) and fill it with small gravel for drainage.  Then we'll assemble the G-house on the gravel.  I've 2 more garden beds to build, too.  
I want to get another strawberry bed in also.  Then I can finish taking out the berries on the ground.  

The small chickens are getting all of their regular feathers and will soon be old enough to be introduced to their older pen mates.  We'll keep 3 and send the other 5 off to my DD's place.  

Hope you all are having productive, enjoyable days.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Quilt Camp, Quilt Show, BUSY

I enjoyed my stay at camp, even though I was still pretty worn out from being sick.  I got some good stitching in, as well as visiting with my friends.
msH finished her quilt for the show, too, as soon as I got home & she came to our house.  So, we are ready to enter our quilts on Friday.
Then I'll work on the weekend at the show and our quilting year will be done for now.  On to the future.

The weather has not been co-operating for outdoor work,  but I guess we'll just have to dodge the rain and get busy.  I want to get some cool weather veggies seeded.

Then, the DH managed to get "the crud" again and off I sent him to the doc.  Turns out he has bronchitis, too.   BUGS!! UGH!!!!

Monday, April 02, 2018

Snow on April 2

Just so we do not forget where we live, Mother Nature gives us an inch & half of snow on top of ice.  

I had to go to the doctor this morning.  I got really ill a week or so ago - read as ME can't get out of bed for 2 days ! - and since the DH told me he could here my lungs rattle last night I figured I'd better.  I'm being treated for bronchitis and taking an antibiotic for walking pneumonia; something one does not want to fool with.

Anyhow, all the snow put a wrench in the spring work, illness put one in for much of anything else.  

I'm going to quilt camp on Wednesday, but not sure what I'll get done as I'm still pretty down.  Lucky for me my entry in show is done and all I have to do is help msH get her entry quilted when I get back.  Then we'll be good to go.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

A Happy St. Pat's Day to you !

It's a rainy one here.  I went out and pruned some on the fruit trees, but the rest will have to wait 'til tomorrow.  
The baby chicks are here; we got 4 Americaunas and 4 Wyandottes.  I got extras just in case of losing some, but they all look good so far.  msH had a wonderful time picking them and she got to hold them, too.  They, of course, are her chickies.  She'll have to visit them at two places.  I am trying to get them used to being picked up, but not so much luck so far.

Image result for St. Patrick's Day clip artIt's corned beef and cabbage, plus colcannon on the menu for us today.  We love corned beef and I got some nitrate-free beef, so we're good to go.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Ides of March

And it is beginning to finally look like real spring.  
I went out & cleaned up the baby chick container so it would be ready for the arrival of new chickie doodlers tomorrow.  msH will pick them out and she is so-so-so excited.  "I'm going to get all stripe-heads gramma!"  Well, we shall see what there is available when we go to get them.  We are picking up some for gramma Katie, too as she has no place for babies yet, just for the larger birds.

I finished the two baby hats for Feb & Mar and got another bear done (the one for Feb).  Yup, I'm a bit behind, but catching up.  If I can just stay focused I believe I can get my goals done.  

One goal for this year is done, done-ity done!  I finished the painting on the sink wall of the kitchen, so all of the spackling & painting is finished and as soon as it dries I can put the kitchen counters back to rights 😍😍.

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Thoughts on Thursday

Did you know that feelings get in our way, sometimes.  I keep having to remind myself that sadness is not all there is.  I think I am finally getting through this, but boy it's hard.  Thanks genes for the depression, NOT! 
Anywhoooo, it's time to start to welcome Spring I believe.  There may be a little snow left in our future, but it appears that  the milder weather is approaching.  Time to get out there and finish that pruning and outdoor clean-up.  I really do like to work outside, just not so much when it is too cold. 

The msH is coming this weekend to "help" gramma with the spackling and painting in the kitchen.  I hope we can finish this weekend.  That will be one of my goals accomplished for 2018.  Others are not going as well, but I figure, HEY! one is better than zero.

I got the Winter Rose socks finished and am almost done with another bear.  I, however, could not stop myself from casting on a swatch for another sweater.  So, I'll have 2 sweaters on the needles, plus all of the other things 😲😲.

I had an epiphany about picnic blankets, too.  I plan on putting the woven plastic feed sacks that I have been saving (they are to good to toss) on the back of denim quilts to create damp resistant blankets.  Then I'll donate them to my DD 's Salvation Army store to sell for a donation.

Saturday, March 03, 2018

Finish up on Fridays

It's March already !  And still winter, 😄

But what can one expect around here ?  

All of my spring items have arrived - we have 2 garden bed and one greenhouse kits in in our garage with no room for the car right now.  It's going to be a while before we can get back in  there with the car.  Plus we have the new door for the garage to house entry up on sawhorses needing to be stained.  That, too, has to wait until warmer weather for the staining.

My sewing machine is in the shop for a tune-up and to fix the bobbin issues.  But, they called me today and I can get it when I go shopping on Tuesday.  I've been using the Janome Gem for my sewing needs in the mean time.  I've nearly finished the bag for msH's dance stuff.  Her old one was being held together with duct tape - definitely time for a new one.

I'm still working on the Sock Society socks #1 and am down to the foot part on both socks - nearly done.  I've made a decision to turn the sweater knit into an in-the-round knit with steeking to make it a cardi before I add the edging.  My tension is SO much better in the round !

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Icicles on your nose

Image result for icicle clipart


winter is giving us a whack to our heads - how DARE you think I am gone!

Frozen dog water, frozen plants, frozen snow with ice beneath it; all of the things one "loves" about winter on the Palouse.

OK, enough whinging.  Plugging away at the various projects.  I have the kitchen wall done on the range side with the sink side wall to go.  Doesn't look half bad if I do say so myself, LOL.
Socks, leggings, "mother bear" bear, and a sweater on the needles with two quilt tops done and working with the Palouse Patchers' color challenge plus a new dance bag for msH on the sewing menu.

All-in-all a busy time - the usual baking, cooking & regular homework done, too.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

"Sunday, Sunday, can't trust that day........"

Wind, snow, ice, etc. etc.  and now forecast for REALLY cold next few days (as in single digits) as a reward for our feelings of early spring.  As I said yesterday it gave us quite a workout yesterday with all the snow, then a QUICK melt so we got water everywhere and now freezing again.  HELLO ice and ice!

My spindle class went well today and I think I've converted 2 to spindles, but lost another, LOL.  One lady has her own sheep and was re-learning spindling + how to use a turkish spindle.  The second lady is a weaver & will use her spinning in the weaving - and a GREAT weaver she is, too.  So, I expect it will show up in her lovely work.  The third lady is a felter, but wanted to see if she would like spindling - not so much, LOL.  But I just figure do it if you wish, but don't be hard on yourself if you don't like it.

I'm working on the snails of Jennifer's blending board demonstration, have decided to do a two ply to get a fingering weight yarn and then use the handspun yarn in the yoke of a commercial yarn sweater.  I've not decided whether a cardi or pullie, tho'.

Working on the first of the handknit sock society socks - the winter rose socks.

Saturday Sampler

Well, all of us here on the Palouse who were hoping for an early spring - after all in JANUARY it had been in the 50's !! - were really not surprised when we got more snow in February (8"+).  Ah well, the hopes of humans once again smashed by Mother Nature, LOL.

I do feel for my poor plants though.  The spring flowers were putting up their heads and I'm afraid that my berries were "thinking" that it might be OK to begin to stir those cellular juices.  There may be winter kill after all as now there is forecast to be near zero temperatures next week.  It is raining right now so any snow cover will be gone and as one knows there goes the insulation factor.

Thursday, February 08, 2018

February 8,Thoughts on Thursday

Well, unfortunately for us, the hard wind is back.  More stuff blowing around which one does not want to see doing so.

I finished the socks that were supposed to be The Fairy Lights Socks by Helen Stewart.  However, since I messed up the pattern so badly, I just finished them and plan to make a another pair that will be correct. 

In the meantime Helen's The Handmade Sock Society has started and I cast-on the first pair in the set.  I'm using some Dream in Color Smooshy, color V5330-Dusky Aurora to make The Winter Rose socks.

I made my own almond milk! 😊😊
It is easier than one would have thought and it has no "extras" that one does not really want.💖   

drMolly, the BeanQueen