Monday, January 16, 2017

making it on Monday

It's another COLD day here on the Palouse.  It is forecast to warm some, but I'll believe that when it occurs.  The snow & ice are built up everywhere and with the ground so frozen even if it does thaw there will just be floods everywhere as the water can't sink into the soil.

I've not gotten much done around here, but some cleaning and some sorting out of the things that I needed to do for my part of the chore my sister's & I gave ourselves for our folk's memory things.  I'm nearly done with the photos & slides.  It is a very hard job to decide to put much of the stuff into the trash.  It meant something to mom & dad, but for us sibs there is little that means something to us. Other than the fact that it was theirs and they knew from where the photos & memories came.

I'm working on another monster so msH can give one to her daddy.  "This is the one for daddy; he'll be a green monster."

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

"terrific" Tuesday

More snow.  It did melt some, but then got cold again so now there is lots of ice 😒.

I got the cutting table cleaned off so I can put the quilt sandwich on it and add the pins to hold it together.  
Some of the things on it previously were "filed", some things were put in their proper places to be sorted later, & some of the slides were sorted.  Then I dropped my slide viewer and it broke so now I have to wait for a new one that I ordered.  I put the rest of the slides & pictures to be sorted together on a bench to await the continued sort.

I hope to get a bit of sewing in today.  
Tomorrow is another dentist appt. if it doesn't get snowed out 😊.

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Sunday Summation

It has warmed a bit.  There was snow last night, ~1".  There is freezing rain in the forecast :~(

I finished the bears: 
                             Franz bear             


Greta bear

           Hans bear                                                Inga bear

And I've nearly done the "monster for uncle bart" that msH wanted me to make.  Then I have to "make one for daddy, too".  Does that little girl have gramma on beck & call ? - nope, not in the slightest, LOL.

And it's meatloaf & mashed potatoes for supper.  Will have some greens and am making a bread pudding for dessert.  All on track for using that which we have so as to reduce our "footprint" everywhere.

Friday, January 06, 2017

Well, I have 3 bears finished - FINALLY - with but one to go and these "guys" can be on their way.

It's still quite cold, but supposed to warm a bit and then, snow, of course.  Unhappily it seems the little battery died in the brown Prius, but the DH thinks he can charge it like my brother did for the blue Prius.  Save us a tow, although we will have to have the battery replaced at the dealer.

Will try to work on the craft room today as well as the other things I need to do.  

 Still have not been able to find that camera. 

msH has done the number on it, I think.

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Terrific Tuesday

Image result for smiley emoji

Still cold here, but no new snow.  
I put the heat lamp out in the chicken house for the girls.  
It's pretty cold out to be living your life in a coop with no heat.

I'm working on the goals for the year: more down-sizing & it's working; I took 3 bags to the thrift store.  And when I take things to the thrift store they ARE ALL still very much useful.  I really hate that some folks use the thrift for a dumping site !

In the crafting department I am focusing on using that which I already have in the stash(es) !  
Image result for smiley emojiI worked a bit more on the paper piecing project that I starte on the #BDSI - it is using some patterns I've had for over 15 years!  I have three block patterns: one teapot & two teacups.  I have almost all of the parts of the teapot on the PP paper; then will sew together the parts to make the whole pot.  
I plan to make a wall hanging to give away.  The original pattern had more teacups, but someone gifted me the ones I have and since they are so old there is no way to get the other cups. 

Monday, January 02, 2017

My word of the year

I forgot to put in yesterday's post.
In all things in our lives.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Have a prosperous 2017

It's going to be hard to get through the next 4 years, but we can do it.  OK, enough said about that.  I am going to to go the ostrich route when it comes to politics this year.  
Helping my own community will be my goal.

Other goals for 2017 include: DOWNSIZING in a big way, working more on things I wish to, more time in the out-of-doors, and loving life in general.  

On with the show !

Monday, December 26, 2016

Happy Boxing Day 2016

We had a lovely Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.  Half of our immediate family was here for the Eve; the other half is in Kent, and with this snow was glad to have them be there safe.
On Christmas had the DD & #3 GS for dinner - we had my family's traditional "roast beast" along with baked potatoes, veggie plate and the DH's Christmas fluff .

Today on Boxing Day I am joining the #BDSI with the #Twilters.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

"not so" Terrific Tuesday

I've picked up the mister's cold and now I feel terrible.  What a gift for the holidays !

MsH's sweater is done, buttons & all; now I need to block it so it will look nice and even.  I started on the Amulet Shawl - the #2 in the Shawl Society set.  It has beads and looks to be a lovely thing using 2 colors of yarn.

I plan to get the craft room back into order and try to begin on the quilts I need to finish.  Hope I get to feeling better soon.  Christmas celebrations will be a factor, but after then it should be able to be fit into the schedule.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Finish on Friday

And I did !  I got the 2X2X2 socks done.  They are soaked and blocking as they dry right now.  Pics ASAP.
I plan to finish msH's Playful Stripes 2 today also; I have the ribbon, snaps & buttons to put onto the sweater. 

msH is coming today and we will make "roca" for the holidays and maybe some gingerbread, too.  

We're going to try to get started on her quilt.  She picked out FQ's on the shop hop and I figure we can make a quilt for her & her "babies" from it.

drMolly, the BeanQueen