Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Books for sale

Knitting books that were not taken at the Stash Bash:

the day BEFORE Thanksgiving

and with so many things to be thankful for, 
I thought I'd start a day early   😍
Every day one wakes is a reason to be thankful for now you can count again the many blessings one has.  Good family, good home, good food, and good friends to name just a few.

I'm working on the food that I can do the day before and cleaning house as I go, too.  The house is not bad, but with all those people here I must put away my crafts and re-adjust some of the furniture so no one will feel crowded.  Our house is not really large - just the two of us have plenty of room, but when visitors come it is a bit different.

Still rainy here and cold, but hope it drys up in a bit as there are still some things to be taken care of before snow.  That darn chicken house being one.  It is about 2/3 done, but it needs 2 people to work on it and it is difficult getting the mister there when I've time.  Ah well, it will get done.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sum it up on Sunday

Well, downsizing got a "win" today.  It was the Wool Gatherers' annual Stash Bash - where our members get to bring things we wish to "get rid of".  I had 3 bins of books, yarn, & fiber that I wanted to give away or have folks make me an offer.  I came home with only 1 bin!  Plus I got some money, too.  I didn't care that it was "not what some of the things were worth" - all of the things went to people who will make good use of them.  AND my craft room is less filled than before.  I plan to do some serious purging in the future so there will be even more room in there soon.

We're planning our Thanksgiving get together. People will gather at our home, but I don't have to make all of the food.  I will provide the turkey & stuffing, some hot rolls & our traditional "fluff", but all the rest will be provided by attendees.  Less work, but good food and family love, too.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Monday's cheer

Today I received my "new" spinning wheel.  
Meet "Bessie Bug" a Schact Ladybug wheel who came to live with me & brought with her some extra accessories.               

She came with a tensioned LazyKate, an extra 2 bobbins, a slow whorl and a niddy-noddy, plus an instruction manuel.  
She was shipped all the way from Tennesee, but was packed so well that I got her in excellent condition - no damage at all.  
It pays to buy that extra effort on the part of the shipper.

I look forward to many happy hours making yarn!

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

"workin' on it" Wednesday

the mister got home OK; he brought me 3 coolers FULL of frozen fruits & veggies.  He was very tired from working hard all three days.  It should be the last we do in conjunction with the closing down of that chapter in our lives.  The only thing remaining is dealing with the money from the sale of the homestead.  And, believe it or not, that is going to be hard to accomplish - most will be invested, but we want to set up a trust for msH for her education "down the line".

It's cold here and I need to finish "winterizing" the cascade berries & my miniature rose.  I got the straw and the sawdust, so now just have to "gird up my loins" (well put on my long underwear & WARM clothes) and go out there & finish it off.  Next in line will be to finish the Eglu (TM) chicken house and move the ladies into it.

the DD & I are planning Thanksgiving dinner and we pretty much have it "nailed down".  We expect 10 people for dinner.  Not a huge crowd, but enough.......

My "new" spinning wheel is supposed to arrive on Monday afternoon.  I am excited to get a new wheel - I hope to up my production of yarn with a more current model of wheel.

Friday, November 03, 2017

forward on Friday

OK, the DH is off to the "old homestead" to help the bros finish up on what has to be done before the prospective new owners take over the place.  I got dispensation not to come this time as I just could not handle one more time going there & seeing what will be no more.  I will, however, reap more benefits as he will be bring home the rest of the items in the basement freezer.  I'm not sure what I shall do with all of it, but according to the #2 sister there are lots of berries, so I thing JAM is in the future.  I am planning on giving some to the second & third generations, too.

I plan this weekend, while I am by myself, to try to get the chicken house started.  Also I want to make some gift plans that I can actually accomplish.

It's cold and wet outside.  Not conducive to getting the rest of the winterizing done, but it needs to be done soon as snow is in forecast. 

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Today I introduce something new

along with my daily - well, I really do try, LOL - dose of what is happening here, I want to give some hints at frugal living.
I know there are lots of them (how to save "a bajillion" in your life) out there, but lots do not really address what I consider a "real" way to look at how one lives.  That idea comprises where does one live, what stores, etc. are available to one, how does one's family handle repairs, etc. and trying to tailor one's frugality to the way one really lives.  That is probably not all of the things contained in this idea, but it's a start.
For example, I don't do "couponing" as the things that I buy rarely, if ever, have coupons.  I do look at the ads for the stores in my area, but, since we live in a rather rural area there are not many of the stores available to folks who live in or near urban areas.  I also tend to buy only quality items and don't go for cheap - it is more cost containing in the long run.  This means I often have to "save up" for some items.  I also buy, when I am able, only food items that I know from where it comes and I try to use locally produced things, too.  We are environmentally and resource conscious in this household, so that affects what we consume, too.
All-in-all, I want to address how we approach the frugal life in an earth-loving & protecting way.

So, the first installment is about my latest "coop-de-gras" in the cooking area.  I had purchased some beef stew meat (from local sourced grass-fed beef), about 1/2 a pound.  I made for supper on Tuesday beef stew containing potatoes & carrots from our garden, canned green beans (grown here, too), some nice onions that had been "donated" (when neighbors or ourselves have extra produce we leave boxes in our post office with the "help yourself" sign), and some of my homegrown garlic, too.  
I always make at least enough to have "leftovers" the next day.  This time, though, after the leftover night there was still some left.  Not enough for another meal, so I had to become creative.  
Now, I don't know if you like stuffed peppers, but we do !  I had purchased some peppers from one of the organic growers who come to our local farmer's market (& last week was the end of the market for this year).  Now, it occured to me that the way I make stuffed peppers could be modified to use my leftover stew.  I cooked up an half cup of lovely brown basmati rice, chopped up the leftover potatoes & carrots in the stew, mixed in the rice & stuffed the peppers.  There was just enough to fill the 2 peppers and have a little bit left to put in the bottom of the pan to support the peppers as they bake.  
I plan to serve them with some green salad & some of our home-canned fruit for dessert.

The next installment of "the frugal life of regular folks" will include some information about holiday gifts I plan to make this year.  All in the light of trying to reduce our "stuff" around here and to give love with the gifts for our family.

Have a wonderful autumn day - it's still pleasant here, but the cold is in the forecast.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween

Hope you get to hand out lots of goodies to the small ghosts, goblins, witches, monsters &, of course bats 😃😃😃

I finished the bat costume for msH & she loves it.  

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

WiP Wednesday

Well, I am the work in progress today.

Cataract removed yesterday, a weird experience.  Improving today, but it will take some time to heal & get back on track. 

Trying to work on the bat costume a little.

More on the 'morrow.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sunday - the day to rest, finally

OK, got back from Wool Gatherers retreat - boy am I tired.  That's just too much of good times, LOL.  It was wonderful, of course and I had a great time, but I am exhausted and I still have to go to TaiChi class tomorrow and take msH dancing.  
Then on Tuesday I "get" to have one of my cataracts removed, in preparation for determining if and when I will need the corneal transplant.  I really know how to have the best of times.
We are, however, so blessed to be able to access this care, even if it is expensive and frustrating to deal with insurance, etc.
All the best for all of you - enjoy the autumn (or spring if you are on the upside down world).

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

WiP Wednesday

There are many WiPs around here, but today I am focussing on getting back from quilt camp, cleaning house & getting ready for WG camp.  Two camps in two weeks is really a bit much, but I had not been able to go to fall quilt camp in the years since I started going to WG camp and I had the opportunity again, so I did 😃😃

Lots of wind on the Palouse for last few days - leaves all over the yard and other things blown around.  It's calm today and just a bit of rain, although the skies are quite grey.

I hope all are getting ready for the cold season (or the hot season if you live "on the bottom" of the world).
Blessings all around!

drMolly, the BeanQueen