Wednesday, January 15, 2020

January 15

OK !  My much loved (& missed) mum was right.  “The best part is it doesn’t hurt anymore.”  Well, the hip joint, anyway; there is some discomfort at the surgical site, but nothing like the old hip.
I had the surgery Friday AM and went home Sunday PM. I stayed a bit longer as I was having a little issue with my leg not “waking up”.  There had been a problem with the usual anesthetic and they gave very large doses of locals.  There also were lesions that had developed on the bone so they did some bone grafts.  But all-in-all I’m now a successful bionic woman. I am looking forward to re-gaining my activity.
I have been doing my exercises & following the precautions religiously - I want to be well ASAP.
I’m making an enormous amount of dishcloths (using up my BIG stash of cotton) & working on some socks for msH, too.
Big plans are rolling around in my head - I’ll be busy, busy, busy soon.

Thursday, January 09, 2020

January 9

I've spent the last few days getting ready for my surgery tomorrow.  I'll be "en hospital" for 1-3 days and then not able to do much for who knows how long.  And since the mister is a less than stellar cook, I've been getting meals in the freezer and writing notes, etc. etc. for the time I'll be unable to cook.  
It surely is amazing how much one does without thinking about it.  BUT, then when you have to make sure it'll all get done when one is not around...…………… WOW !!

I'm hoping all my plant babies survive the time I'm not here.

Thursday, January 02, 2020

January 1 & 2

A quiet New Year beginning.  
We had our black eye peas with a nice veg & ham frittata.   The eggs from our chickie doodles & a bit of left over ham from Christmas dinner.
Today I had to go back to doctor as I’ve a persistent cough that I need to be rid of before my new hip is put in.  
We did get Christmas put away & I was able to work a little in my craft room.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

December 30 & 31

2019 is at its end.  We took grampa out for dinner on his 70th birthday yesterday - msH & me.  It was good and he even got a free creme' brulee for birthday dessert.
On this last day of the year we are mostly just doing ordinary things, LOL.  When you are our age you've already seen a lot of New Years.  
msH is visiting and grampa took her bowling yesterday, too.  She enjoys spending time with him, whether it's bowling, riding her dirt bike, or helping him pick up leaves with the lawn mower.  There, of course, will come the time when we're "too old" and not cool, but we'll take all the time we can with her now.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

December 28 & 29

I've been thinking about goals, words of the year and planning.  Sometimes it makes one's head hurt to try to do these things.  I like planning and I know I'm OCD enough to like the order of such, but too often I expect myself to do too much.  I let rigidity get in my way - HEY !!!!! that's it, the word I mean = "fluidity".  I need to learn to go with the flow and try not to get too upset when things don't fit my nice & neat plan of how it "should" go.  
This also means I need to relax when it comes to making those goals, etc.  
OK, I'm going to make myself a promise to try to do it from now on.  It is the time to start anyway.  Right?  
There is no time like NOW to start on something. 

Friday, December 27, 2019

The Christmas lag: December 16-27

Life got in the way.

Dec. 27: today I'm still doing the cleaning up.  I just can't do much at one stretch as I hurt too much.  That new hip had better make this improve - and yes, I know I have to wait some before going back to the way I want to be.

We had a great Eve and a wonderful Christmas Day.  Lots of good food, lots of gifts and lots of love were there to be had.

OK, now on to the getting ready for the new year.

Monday, December 16, 2019

December 14 & 15

The weekend: msH & I went grocery shopping, with a tiny bit of gift shopping, too.  Then we came home and cut out gingerbread cookies.  After they were baked and cooled there was a flurry of decorating.  She did some herself for her teacher and some for others to eat.  
Then grampa took her with him when he plowed out the driveway and some of the streets in town.  We have a "city" maintenance man, but this was the weekend.
msH & I went to the Wool Gatherer meeting where we had some good food, some good company and learned how to make felted Christmas ornaments. 

Friday, December 13, 2019

December 10-13

Just trying to finish up Christmas gifts.  Plan to make cookies on weekend with msH.

I got the quilt done and took it to show off on Thursday evening at Grammy G's Quilt Shop - there were about a dozen of us there and nearly all had finished their quilt.  It was really interesting to see all of the iterations of that pattern.

Today I am making some gingerbread cookie dough to put in 'frig' so it will be ready to roll on Saturday.  We'll get some sugar cookies done, too.
Sunday we're going to the Wool Gatherer's holiday party.  The craft will be making needle-felted ornaments using a cookie cutter to fill in the shape.  It should be fun - msH is looking forward to making an ornament.  

Monday, December 09, 2019

December 7-9

Weekend: I spent my time working around the house.  The DH went to Walla Walla to help the family of an old friend deal with the physical aftermath of his passing - a message to you all: please make sure you have a will and have made known to your family what should be done in the event of your death.

Monday: I finally got the scrap quilt "fixed" so I can bind it and have it ready to show at the local quilt store on Thursday.  I have mentioned it previously so I won't dwell on that.
I've had to adjust the stitch count on the socks I am knitting for the DD to make them fit better.  So, am in process of that now.  I'll finish the quilt tomorrow and Wednesday.

Friday, December 06, 2019

December 5 & 6

Thursday I went to a class about having a total hip replacement - quite a scarey proposition I have to say.  But after the rehab I should be able to go back to my previous activities, to which I am looking so forward to.
Friday I got a haircut - something I should have done earlier, but just kept putting it off.  Then I did the weekly shopping and attended "Ladies Day" at my feed/hardware store where I got a nice 20% off my purchases.  Gotta' love those discounts.
It's back to working on the holiday gifts.

drMolly, the BeanQueen