Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Working on Wednesday

I'm doing my best to catch up.  
A bout of shingles DID NOT help.  I got some anti-viral from the doc & it is helping.  
I found out everyone who has had chicken pox should get the shingles vaccination, even if you have had shingles (& now I've had it twice) because the virus can cause permanent nerve damage & pain.
So as soon as I am well again off to the pharmacy I go to get one!

In other areas the weather is finally looking like it will be stable for a bit and the gardening can get going.  I'm thinking that this will be a spare year due to the late start time.
I've peas inside in pots that are up so they will have a better chance of getting something on them before the HOT weather.  I've also got the potatoes in pots as they were all sprouting and we can't work the soil yet.
Out in the orchard/berry patch I've lots of work to do. The new apple trees have arrived plus a replacement blueberry.  I will need to plant them all this weekend and get the rest of the berry canes pruned and tied up.

Hobbies are being delagated to the evenings so not much progress at this time.  

But I'm not complaning - I love, love, love the sun now.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Terrific Tuesday

OK, quilt show over.  Quilts sent off & gifted.  Garden bed in process of being dismantled so to move chicken house & pen.  Baby chicks are out growing bathtub already, so BIG tub ordered so they can stay in garage until pen is ready and they are big enough to be introduced to the "old ladies".  House is in process of catch-up cleaning - it really needs it.  I am doing my best to stay current with my TaiChi.  I decided to stop going on Fridays as I was missing so many due to prior obligations.  I plan to practice and then go again for the next set of classes.  
I'm working on UFO's in the quilting & knitting departments, and I guess I could say in the spinning area too since I am using some long stashed wools on both spindles & wheel.  
I seem to be handling the sadness and depression from the bereavement better too, since the winter lack of sunlight is easing.  I definitely am a SAD person I guess.  And I need to keep talking myself into more activity - it helps all the way around !          😊😊😊😊😊😊

Monday, April 03, 2017


OK, we have 5 new baby chicks.  We have onion plants & potato starts to plant.  We have bulbs & tubers of sensitive flowers to plant.  We have some emergency pruning to do before sap is flowing too much.  We garden beds to move & construct.  We have berries to trim & "string".  We have a chicken pen & house to move, then put up new fencing.  Then, of course, there is the home maintenance to start.  

Too much on the calendar you say ?????

Well, that is a home owners lament, LOL.

I just returned from quilt camp for the last 4 days - a good thing to have such a good experience to help me "slide into" all of the work around here.  Now that spring has finally arrived it will be full-steam ahead for quite some time.

I did finish two quilts while I was at camp.  One for our msH and one for the CASA.  And I have to prepare for our quilt show this next weekend.  I am the chair of the admissions table, so have to get a little decoration ready for behind the table.  I don't do much as the whole thing is to showcase the entered quilts, but it's nice to have it be welcoming to our guests.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

behind & 'behinder'

Yup, that is the way I can sum up me right now.  I'm trying to do better 😉

I am working on a list of what I should take to quilt camp.  I feel overwhelmed by the amount of things I need to do before I leave.  Of course, I shall not get them all done and, guess what? they will be there when I get back.

Anyway, it was rainy & cold today most of the day so I didn't get anything done outside afer I came back from shopping.  And tomorrow after church I have to go to a meething of the board for Wool Gatherers, so that puts the "kibash" on Sunday, too.

Ah well, count my blessings - I can do what I can do.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring - day 2

Image result for spring clip art freeWell, it is finally spring and it has been warming.  There are, of course, going to be no-so-good days, but that is the Palouse for you.  
I have to get going on the out-of-door activities now before the hot weather overtakes us.

I am so greatful that we are blessed in the ways we are. Even when the bad things come we can ever count our blessings to get into the right frame of mind.

I've finished the newphew quilt: "Stars & Strips for Kenn", and will post a photo as soon as I can get the mister to hold it up for me to take the picture.

I'm teaching a class on beading in your knitting (or crochet, too, I suppose) to the members of my fiber group in April and I need to get my supply list so folks will be ready

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sum-up on Sunday

It's been a hard week.  Grief still overwhelms me at the most inconvenient tines - but, then what time would be convenient?  Some inter-family troubles are cropping up and do not help the situation.  But, as my late mother would say "these things shall work out - perhaps not as we might wish, but they WILL work out."

I've started new monsters.  When one has the recipient asking one each time she sees one "do you have the mommy monster done, the daddy monster, the baby monsters?", one has no choice!

I'm trying my darndest to get that nephew quilt done.  It is taking me way longer than I wanted, but then again, it will work out.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Tune up on Tuesday

I have returned from 5 days of homestead wrangling.  We had an estate sale for the folk's rock collection where we were able to re-home lots of rocking tools/machines and mineral samples.  The people who came to the sale were for the most part really nice and glad to be able to get such good deals on their hobby of choice.  It was good to know that my parent's legacy was going to so many places. 
It was hard to be at the old place without anyone else there (one sister & 2 brothers there during sale, though). Made me so sad.  
I know it's the way the world goes, but it is depressing to know that the property will be sold & divided up into little 5 acre parcels for somebody to build "McMansions".

On the home front it snowed some more 😠😢😞😞😞 
I am tired of it by now, but nothing can do but dream in the garden catalogues.

Trying to get the last nephew quilt done so I can get on to other sewing.  Takes time is all, LOL.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Tai Chi on Fridays

I've really become "addicted" to TaiChi.  It is a gentle exercise that helps my arthritis AND my balance.  Our instructor for "Tai Chi for Arthritis" has learned her craft with the master of this particular form of Sun Tai Chi.  I have videos to help with the practice at home and going to a class each week helps one focus on getting so much better.  😊😊😊

Working along in the craft area and the organize area

I completed the spindle spinning & plying of the latest round of spinning: "Ooh-La-La Lovely", a 2-ply ~DK wt. yarn of SW BFL.  I got ~226 yds  of pretty.

Friday, February 17, 2017

finishing on Friday

Snow is finishing - HURRAH !

The only finishes I have are the leisure socks for the SFS project.  But I'm working daily on the quilting for the last N&N quilt.  Then I can start on the son & D-i-L quilt; afterwards moving on to other UFOs.  

I'm using my annual word - "POSITIVE" -  to keep me on track with my progress.  I will be positive about that which I am doing in all areas.

I'm practicing my Tai Chi and have gained a lot of my balance back.  It is a really good program for that.  

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tuesday is terrific

Image result for valentine clipart     the sun is shining on this St. Valentine's Day 

I'm missing my folks, but I know that life goes on and with the coming of the longer days I feel better each & every one.  
Today we have sold our old Prius and will now be driving the blue one that I inherited from my dad.  An era - the one where we bought a "new" car - is ending, LOL.

I'm engaged in the organization / de-clutter regime'  again.  I've spoken with my #2 sister & we agree that it's a good time to be living our lives and doing these things. "For heaven's sake, just how much stuff does one need?"

drMolly, the BeanQueen