Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Life in the slowest lane

Welcome to sick season.  Wouldn't you know it; as soon as msH gets to go to school she brings home kid germs, which of course get passed to her family.  And, then, of course, they go to others.  And, as Murphy's Law kicks in it is a especially virulent one that is making the rounds.

We are trying to get ready for the winter coming.  But on Saturday the mister fell down the neighbor's steps and landed on his back.  H broke 2 ribs and got a bunch of bruises, etc.  So, it put a big kibosch on our work.

Hopefully things will be better soon.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Monday, Monday

Egad!  time flies whether one is having fun or not.

Busy, busy here getting ready to go into the cold season.  I've nearly finished the garden; but still have the berries to get set for winter.  The winter pears are the only fruit left, but we have to wait until it starts freezing to get them.  

We have had one killing frost, but not too bad; basically took out the remaining cucumbers and my dahlia.  It topped the sweet potatoes, but I'm waiting until a bit later to dig them as they are not dead from it.

I'm finishing long waiting UFO's.  That is one of my "fight depression" goals.  Positive thinking and positive action tied with "better living through chemistry" are my weapons.  I made up my mind that now is the time to get these things out of here.  If I can't stand to finish them, then they are going. 

'the mister' went on his last bike ride of the season.  He got wet, but enjoyed himself.  Now we are waiting for our motor home to be finished (there were some things that needed attention) and we will take it for our maiden voyage before it gets winterized.

It's a wonderful life.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

September 11 - our day of infamy

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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

workin' on Wednesday

We are back from our brief holiday before school started.  We went up to Winchester State Park for 5 days; the rest of our family who live in the area came for the weekend.  It was nice to have a family event, even if the bees were terrible.  The DD showed us how to build some easy bee traps and we caught hundreds of the things.  We stayed inside most of the time anyway as there was a campfire ban - we had to cook inside as that, too, attracted bees.  After the others left to go home for work and school we stayed 2 more days AND it actually rained.

Came home to find all OK, but apparently some of the neighbor children felt it was OK to harvest my pears for me.  msH had invited some of them to have some pears earlier so I guess they figured the tree was fair game.  I only got about a dozen picked from the tree and an equal amount from the ground-ones not too damaged by falling.  Luckily there are quite a few on the late pear tree, so we will get more.

I plan to return to working on the back pack this week - lucky for me msH does not start school until after Labor Day.  Kindergarten gets a later start than the rest of the students as the #2GS is already back and the mister starts working back at the school here today.

We gave ourselves a treat and have arranged to purchase a motor home.  Then if we get a boat we can tow it behind or the car if we go on long trips.  Should be fun.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Words on Wednesday

Up early to sign up msH for dance, but unfortunately I can't get the on-line registration to work so now I wait until 8:00 to call.

I'm back to working on her backpack as I got the right foam interface and the correct purse zippers.  From now on I will just get that stuff through the mail.  It probably will not cost more than making trips to town and then not being able to find the right supplies.

AND......I had to frog my latest sock knitting due to the fact that the sock was too large 😞😞😞.  I started again on size medium with size 1½ instead of 1 so to make the sock size a bit larger.  I am almost done with leg on first sock.  I am hoping I can get them done to enter in the fair.  I have to soak & block the shawls I want to enter also.

We have less smoke here now, but it's still present all of the time.  I feel blessed that at least we don't have the fires on our doorstep as my #2 sister has up in B.C.  It is so hard to see our lovely earth being ravaged this way.

I am feeling some better on both the "hip front" and the "sad front" due to a lot of PT and a change in medication.  Thank goodness we have this help for ourselves as we age.  
The adage about old age not being for sissies is SO APROPOS !

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Thoughts on Thursday

Still hot, but a tiny bit cooler.  It is frightening to know that our grands & onward will be having to deal with this and more.  Oh humanity your great hubris !!!!

I am working on the backpack for msH when she's off to kindergarten in September.  It is turning out to be quite a task, but with the clear directions I shall get it done in time.  I came up a bit short on some of the foam interfacing (didn't read the directions as carefully as I might have), but I shall get some more this weekend and work on it before we go camping next week.  I hope to finish it as I want to take something else along to craft upon while we are there.

We're hosting a dual birthday party for msH's mom msM and the DD's SO on Sunday.  We can get a "two-fer" due to closeness of dates.

I'm working on a pair of socks from Curious Handmade THSS - the Magnolia socks.  I plan to enter them in the county fair.  

Friday, August 10, 2018

FRYING on Friday

apparently we have angered 'mama nature' a whole lot.  Of course, it couldn't be that we are the biggest contributors to climate change or anything like that.  
We all "know" that is just a liberal conspiracy. 
OOPS I am a liberal - well who woulda' knowed ????

anyhoo we are really, really tired of heat.  Not much getting done about the place and the whole west seems to be burning up.  It is a sad state of affairs.

Just indoors, doing housework and a few crafts.  I am working on my PT at home, too, but although my hip is a bit better I still have bad days.  Hmmmmmm getting old is a bummer.

So, looking forward to camping at end of the month.  It should be cooler by then, but maybe we won't be able to cook in the firepits.

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

August 1

and hot.  The heat is taking away all energy to do much.  And there was a water crisis in our small town when one of the pumps went out.  There are 2 pumps for our town, but one was being repaired and the remaining one failed.  We were on VERY restricted water use & had to boil any water we used for drinking.  As we did, many others in our town did, purchased bottled water for that purpose.  But no showers, no washing dishes, no washing clothes, no outside watering & limited toilet flushes.  One does truly appreciate what our first world access to water is when one is limited in this way.  All is back to normal now, but for limits on outdoor watering.  Blessed we are, indeed.

I am still doing PT for my hip.  My outdoor activities are very limited.  I just try to keep my gardens alive.  What with extreme heat and lack of water for a while they are not thriving, to say the least.  But I did get some green beans, which I had thought we would not get.  I'm not sure if any maize will be forthcoming, though.

Crafting has been limited to some knitting.  I am still trying to deal with the depression and lack of energy; it's difficult to find that which will work for the problem.  The doctor is helping me, but one has to explore pathways which will work and not cause more difficulties than one already has.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Simply Saturday

OK, I'm having PT and doing exercises for my hip.  It is improved some, but still makes it difficult to get work done.  
I have some new medication that seems to be helping the depression and I actually feel like doing things when the pain is not too great.
We plan to pick the pie cherries tomorrow as the Backyard Harvest folks did not come for them.  I'm going to trade them to my DD for some blackberries which they are picking.  I need to replenish the blackberry jam supply - I remove the seeds as they are large & make seedless jam - YUMMY!
I'm still working on shawls although I did get the TSS III #1, the Maythem Shawl finished but for blocking.  I plan to finish the Rune Shawl and then go on to some Mother Bears, some baby hats & some socks.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Terrible Tuesday

Having gone yesterday to my medical person, I was expecting to have some improvements in the way I was feeling - not right away, of course, but in reasonable time.  I asked about some help with my worsening depression, asked some questions about my bad hip & got a Rx for the toe nail fungus.  All-in-all a productive day I would have said.  I picked up my prescriptions and I was going to call about PT this morning and set up some appointments for the hip.

THEN this morning I awoke & tried to get up - WAS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN - as apparently during the night the hip "decided" that it was not going to work properly anymore.  I had so much pain and loss of function that I had to have the mister help me get up and walk.  I am now struggling to walk with my stick, but it is pure torture.  I am not sure what has happened.  I am going to PT this afternoon - mayhap that will help.  
Image result for red angry emojiI can't do anything.  I have housework, my gardens need water, I wanted to start on some repairs for clothing & furniture. 
I DID want to work on some sewing for myself.  OUT THE WINDOW now.  
This old stuff is the absolute shits!  

drMolly, the BeanQueen