Thursday, February 08, 2018

February 8,Thoughts on Thursday

Well, unfortunately for us, the hard wind is back.  More stuff blowing around which one does not want to see doing so.

I finished the socks that were supposed to be The Fairy Lights Socks by Helen Stewart.  However, since I messed up the pattern so badly, I just finished them and plan to make a another pair that will be correct. 

In the meantime Helen's The Handmade Sock Society has started and I cast-on the first pair in the set.  I'm using some Dream in Color Smooshy, color V5330-Dusky Aurora to make The Winter Rose socks.

I made my own almond milk! 😊😊
It is easier than one would have thought and it has no "extras" that one does not really want.💖   

Friday, February 02, 2018

First Friday

It's February 2, Groundhog Day.  Wonder how that will turn out, what with climate change and all?
It's been doing some heavy duty raining around here.  Bodes poorly for trying to work out-of-doors.  

I've been busy inside with homemaking and crafting.  I have been able to stick with my goals for this year fairly well.  I just remind myself each morning that I want to get those things done, FINALLY !!

I finished the socks I was working on, but since I absolutely ruined the intent of the pattern they shall remain nameless.  I will do another pair with the right pattern.
I am working on the Knitvent leggings now too.  If I run out of my handspun I will use some commercial yarn that will go with my yarn.
I also have been doing some quilting and other sewing to get those UFOs into the FO group.

Enjoy the day, seize the opportunity to succeed!  🙌

Thursday, January 25, 2018

And further thoughts on Thursdays

It seems we are at the end of our winter weather.  Of course, it still freezes at night AND we do live on the Palouse, but there is no snow, there is no forecast of snow and my bulbs are starting to emerge.  Poor things will be in shock if the winter actually comes back.

The year is progressing well.  I'm doing pretty well at sticking to my plans & goals.  I've gotten a lot done on things that have been languishing for some time.  I hope to keep on being on that right track.

Here are some photos of things I've finished and things I've started.

196 yds of 3-ply SW merino yarn, spun on my Jenkins Turkish Delight spindle.  The fiber was from Meadowlark Fiberworks.

Some hand spindled yarn being spun from "snails" that a friend made on her blending board - wool is all I can tell you.  

"Barley" hats: one for the baby donations, one for msH, one for "old baby" 
(gramma, you can make a hat for old baby too). 
And, I'm working on a quilt from the UFO bin - it's going to be named "Yes, I have more scraps.  Why do you ask?"  I plan to give it to msH's folks and they have a queen size bed, so borders, etc. had to be added.

There's more knitting & crochet, too, and pictures will be added later.

I have some of the photos sorted & put into books; I've started working on the walls in the kitchen and we have come up with some ideas about how to finish them, too.  I'm actually going to go with the distressed look - just NOT as distressed as it looks right now.    😁😁😁😁.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

more Thoughts on Thursday

It's a dreary, rainy day today.  A good one for staying inside.  I've baked bread and worked on my mending.  Today I finished replacing a zipper in the mister's "almost new" Harley jacket.  I think he wore it 2 times before the crap zipper that came in it went phooey.  Ah yes, one pays for the name and gets less than quality construction.  a PRIME case of you don't get what you pay for.
Anyway, I got a metal jacket zipper & put it in.  Actually not too difficult since the original was not put in very securely.  

I'm also catching up on the "make do & mend" part of my sewing.  Towels with worn edges, but still good bodies are being cut into useable sizes and the edges serged.  Now we have some really good cleaning cloths.  Then I took some old flannel & cotton jersey garments and cut them into useable rags.  Nothing like cotton for good rags.

I finished up some spinning by soaking and setting the
twist in some SW merino (from the stash !!) that I'd spun on the spindle.  I've not measured the weight or yardage yet, but will do that when I make the final hank for storage.  It turned out nicely.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

the age of joy

for all of us over 60 the fact that we are slowly losing our sight is actually "a given".  We don't even notice 😐.  BUT when we get the cataracts removed from our eyes we suddenly learn what we have been missing for years!  Yesterday I had my second cataract removal.  I have another degenative eye condition called Fuchs Syndrome which made the timing of the 2 surgieries different that most folks have.  The doctor waited until he was sure my eyes were stabilized well from the first operation to do the second.  
This morning, even though it is only one day later, I actually can see WITHOUT my glasses !!!!  Now, because of previously mentioned eye condition, I will always have to wear glasses to correct for the problems it causes (until I have a transplant if needed) my vision is so much improved I can see closely without my glasses.  I wear them to read & drive now, but actually can take them off at close ranges 😍.
I am so blessed to live in these times.

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

And it is now 2018

So far, so good.  I am working on the plans and goals.  My word/theme this year is "conquer" - having many meanings for me to make my life the best it can be and to help others get there, too.

It's pretty cold due to the high humidity - we are just not used to having that around here.  But we are ever so greatful that we do not live in the north-eastern part of our continent whose inhabitants are suffering extremely frigid conditions.  There are blessings in everything if one looks for them.

I'm working on socks, leggings, "mother bears", some quilting, and in some other areas of interest.  I'm still working hard on the down-sizing and have been making a little headway.

On Saturday I will go with some of my friends to the St. Distaff spinning celebration.  It should be a fun gathering of folks who love to spin.  I'm looking forward to spending time with those who share my loves, too.

msH loves her sewing machine and really is getting into learning the craft.  I hope I will be able to keep her interest strong.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

And it's nearly 2018,

Are you getting your goals lined up?  It's a difficult chore as one wishes to set goals that one will achieve rather than abandon in a few months or less 😞.  I'm working very hard to make the ones that will be achieved and will add blessings to my life.  I also believe I have my word of the year finalized, too.  Progress for me as I don't seem to be able to get these things done until right at the last moment and sometimes after the year beginning.

We had a wonderful Christmas; everyone here on the Eve and the DD & family on the Day.  Lots of good food and good family time.

I cast on Christmas Eve the Fairy Lights Socks by Helen Stewart.  I plan to cast on for New Year's Eve one of the shawls from either the Shawl Society I or II.  There are a WHOLE LOT of projects in my que, LOL.

It's cold here; we have about 6" of snow and more in the forecast.  But, it is also forecast not to be quite so cold as has been in the last weeks.  We can do with that AND I know my chickens will appreciate it.

OK, 'nuf for today.  Stay warm and enjoy yourself.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Not one, but 2, count them, 2 fails in the candy area

I think I am just going to stick to the recipes I know.  Two recipes from Pinterest, two fails 😒😒😒.

Today I am making my mom's "famous" 'roca' candy.  I KNOW how to make this & I'm sure it will turn out just fine.

I'm getting the front room ready to set up our Christmas tree.  We are a tiny bit late this year, but we normally don't set it up until ~ 2 weeks before the day.  I get tired of needles falling all over.

We will have family over for Christmas Eve; clam chowder and gift opening as our traditions.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

working on Wednesday

The Pnut brittle turned out just great.  Today I'm making pumpkin chocolate fudge.  

We got a skiff of snow this morning.  And it is still staying cold & damp out.  Not my favorite type of weather, but hey! it is the Palouse after all.

Today we will have some "swiss steak" and potatoes for dinner with some lovely rice pudding made from last night's LO rice and our fresh from the farm eggs.

OK, off to work on some crafting and more sorting.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Simply Saturday

Yesterday I got all the items to make some holiday treats.  I have made my own evaported milk from some oat milk and I plan to make "heavy cream" from lac-free milk & unsalted butter.  Thank the internet for letting me find recipes to replace items for folks that can't have such in their cooking.

I am planning to make some cherry fudge, some almond "roca", some pumpkin fudge and some peanut brittle.  Today I mixed up a batch of  'burger and jerky spices to get the gifts of beef jerky going tomorrow - the meat has to meld flavors overnight.  I made this batch onion teryaki.

the DH & I are going to "drive" the chicken house out to its winter place and tonight we will kidnap the chickie doodles from their old house and put them into the new one.  Then when they wake in the morning it will be a new experience for them AND the old house will be closed up so they can't get back in.  I plan to keep them locked in the wire "range" for a couple of days so they will get used to going back into the new house.

Gifts are nearly all taken care of.  I've just a few more to deal with.  I like being early.  I have sent the cards out of country and now will work on the in country ones.  We don't plan to get a tree until later, maybe a week from now.  I don't like to have them up so long they dry out & shed a lot.  I will have NOTHING BUT REAL TREES in our house.

drMolly, the BeanQueen