Wednesday, April 01, 2020

April 1, 2020

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We are now on lock down until April 30.  
WOW, you gotta' like the quick response of our asshat-in-chief.  
There is nothing like living in a country where the effective leadership is missing.

Then to top it off Mother Nature has been flexing her muscles.  There has been snow here for 4 days straight.  It snows enough to stick and whiten the ground, then melts off, but freezes at night.  Yesterday there was a 6.4 Richter earthquake in Central Idaho, about 50 miles NE of Boise.  Folks in some of the areas around here felt it, but we didn't here in Colton.  Plus, on the day before that there was small tornado sighted in Richland WA, down on the Columbia River near the bend where it turns to the North.  So, not only do we have to deal with global warming, but our earth rebels, too.

Pretty much the same things going on at home here, we only go to town to get the few groceries we need or some medications.  We're doing our best to help keep things in hand.  I continue to work on masks for the local hospitals, but I guess now it would be prudent for us to wear them ourselves when we go out.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

March 25, 2020

Well, life goes on, but in a very altered state.  More & more people are sickening and dying.  Hospitals are asking people to help with the making of face masks to stretch out their supply of sterile ones.  It is downright scarey. 
And, of course, the asshole in the oval office wants people to go back to work so the economy can be saved.  Money is more important to him than the lives of the stupid people who put him into office !!!
I hope they are enjoying the rewards of their extreme stupidity.  
But, no, those innocent of the momentous mistake will be made to pay the huge debt.  
My greatest fear is that there will be a continuation of this horrible administration because the people who manipulated it the first time 'round will be able to do it again.  
And, on top of that, there is always the fear that he would actually declare martial law.  He has already declared a national emergency which allows him to send in National Guard, etc. to do his biding.
And it does make me so angry that there are people who still will not do the things that will help reduce this crisis. The pandemic of stupidity goes on.  

Thursday, March 19, 2020

March 19, 2020 & self quarantine

Well, we all know the "shit hit the fan" as the saying goes.

Virtually everything has been cancelled.  There is no school in WA state until April 24, or I suppose until it is felt that they can be re-opened.  All restaurants, bars & other venues are closed to in-house gathering; one can get to-go or drive-thru only.  IMHO it is a bit too late.  The US was not ready for this sort of thing.  And the blow to the economy will be tremendous.  Now, I don't mean the mega -businesses, WE ALL KNOW THEY WILL BE FIINE.  After all they are owned by the wealthy and they certainly are not going to suffer.  No, I'm talking about small businesses and the everyday worker who needs that paycheck to survive.  
I'm a praying person and I'm praying.
On the home front I've been doing some knitting and some quilting, as well as a bit of spinning.  I'll post some photos once I get 'em.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

March 12

Well, what with the corona virus stuff and our lousy govt response many things are being cancelled.  It remains to be seen if dance and the spin-in will happen.  It is important to protect those who are at risk, but much better response could have happened if that stupid ass in charge was really interested in being the person in office that he was "elected" to be.  When are the people in this country going to stop letting themselves be railroaded into things that they could have done something about before it happened????????
Last couple of days have been warm and the Siberian Iris are blooming in the garden bed, plus it will be only a short time until the crocus open as the buds are out, too.
I hope it'll be an easy spring and summer, but I don't hold my breath now.
I'm working on a quilt for the quilt show in April.  I can now access my space in the garage, but shall have to turn on the heater when I'm out there as it is still chilly.

Sunday, March 08, 2020

March 8

I'm not being good about keeping up here.  But to be truthful not much is going on.  It is still too cold to work out of doors much and I am not up to it quite yet anyway.
I did get a nice surprise from the DD & family.  They brought us a bottom freezer 'frig' similar to their new one.  It was a tight fit into the old space, but we made it. 
I just finished today getting all of the things straightened out in the new one and in the one in the garage.   We took out the old 'frig' in the garage (it didn't work right anyhow) and replaced it with the one that had been in the kitchen.  Now I keep my baking flours & such in there along with the "Irma Pickles" from last year.  
Oops, I forgot, I still have to re-arrange the freezer contents as I just took everything out of the freezer part & put it into the upright freezers in the garage.  I'll get to that tomorrow.
I still get tired fairly easily, but am getting better.  I hope by gardening season things will be back to fairly normal.
I took msH to get her soccer gear yesterday.  She starts at the end of March for her first foray into sports for kids.  I hope she likes it as it is good exercise for small people.

Tuesday, March 03, 2020

March 3

OK, we had birthdays for MJ - age 27 - and msM - age 17 years - and went to the Uniontown Sausage Feed.  A lot of good food in one day.
It is slowly warming around here - good to feel the sun on one's back when out walking.
Other than wishing & a bit of walking, no way to begin outdoor work.

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I'm working on crochet doll accessories and some bed socks for myself.  I also got a dress cut out, but for the front facings (need some more fabric, believe it or not I did not have anything that would work).  I want to get some sewing & quilting in before it gets to garden season.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

February 26

Things are still slow here.  It is taking me much longer than I wanted to get back into the routine I like.  I have lots of "want to" and not so much "can do".  I keep up with my exercises, have added back in some TaiChi and do walking.  I guess I just want instant gain.
I did, however, start on a "program for me" to get some of the house done and still have time for my hobby stuff, too.  I decided to work for 15 minutes (more or less) on each room or area and then go on to one of my interests or take rest, depending on how I felt at that time.  It worked pretty well so far as I got a lot of things accomplished that were just getting piled up.  If I can keep at it I will be able to have more free time for me and not feel like I have to break myself catching up with all that needs to be done around here.
The mister helped me some more with the fruit tree pruning, but that day it was so cold and windy we could not stay our very long.  But, I think one more good session should finish it off.
I got seeds ordered after I figured out of what I was short in the planting basket.  We just needed some pelleted carrot seed (I like this method of getting fewer seed out there as carrot seed is so small) and some kohlrabi seed.  I found some of the giant kohlrabi seed and I hope it is as good as the ones we grew in the past.  
I finished the toe-up shortie socks for msH - there is a tiny bit of yarn left that I figured I'd use the rest for something in the crochet doll wardrobe.

Friday, February 21, 2020

February 21

It's another sunny & cold day today.  But those of us who are "in the know" realize we just need to be ready for Spring, but not do anything about it at the moment.
I've been increasing my walking and am up to several blocks.  I've walked to the PO, and down to the vet to get msDaisy her Rx & food.  I'm trying to increase my distance each week.  I do feel pretty good in the hip area; now if I could say the same for that darn Achilles tendon and my shoulder.
I finished off one of my knitted blankets - the one made in the Log Cabin style of leftover sock yarn.  It was getting quite heavy so I figured that was enough for now.
I'm back to trying to get my stash collected into Ravelry as I have neglected to keep up with it.
I also finished some new underwear for myself & msH, plus got her another shirt done, too.
I want to get to some sewing, but can't do quilting yet as the garage has the saws in it that the builder is using for the porch.
I raveled a pair of socks that I had made for my mum (got them back after she had passed) that were still in good enough shape to be reused.  But they did not fit me, so I'm making "recycled mum socks" for myself.
I also took up one of my spindles and have been having a go at the art batt that one of the ladies attending our WG retreat gifted me.  I figure I'll make some yarn and then re-gift it to her this fall.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

February 12

We have had several days of mild sunny weather.  On the Palouse that means only one thing & it’s not spring!  Those who are not long time inhabitants might be fooled and our poor early plants may be too, but it’s going to sneak a winter back in there, just wait & see.
I’ve been able to take my walks out doors.  I’ve increased my time to 10 minutes and with my exercises I hope to be getting back stamina to do more.  
However, one must not get too carried away.  On Tuesday I went grocery shopping, thinking I wouldn’t have a problem since I was going only to 2 stores.  It turned out, however, that it was a bit too much for one month out.  I was exhausted by the time I got home.

Wednesday, February 05, 2020

February 5

It's snowing, but not too cold so the forecast of rain and melting may occur after all.
My trip to the orthopedist who did my surgery was uplifting.  I am cleared to drive - thank goodness my left hip was the one replaced.  There are, of course, still all of the precautions for the next two months, but it is liberating to be more mobile and to get to stop wearing those "ted hose".  
I've started walking a bit, although today I had to make do with turns around the garage as all of that snow on the ground does interfere with walking.  I'm taking it slowly so I can build up the time spent walking - today I did a 5 minute stint.  I plan to up the time every other day or so if I can do that.  After having a limited mobility for so long it tires one out just doing that !!!!
In the crafting area I've cast on the second pair of shortie socks for msH and am still working on the crochet doll outfits.
Today I am also trying to get started on digging out the craft room - it became the depository of a bit of everything while I was "down".

drMolly, the BeanQueen