Wednesday, December 07, 2016

WiP Wednesday

More snow, more cold, hey winter may be here at last !
And with that maybe the bugs & disease problems will be controlled a bit more this next growing season.  One can only hope.

I'm busy with Christmas gifts & other household chores. It is good to be indoors where it is not so cold.  I've made the fruitcake and it is aging.  I tried to make peanut brittle today, but something went wrong and now the mister will have ~ 3# of peanut crunch.  The candy did not react in the normal way and when I was trying to spread it out after cooking it just crystalized and now there is a whole bunch of peanuts covered with crystal crunch.

The fudge & "roca" is next, so I hope it will turn out better than the brittle.  msH is coming this weekend to help us decorate the tree and we will make some holiday cookies too.  Cookie decorations are, of course, manditory.  One can NEVER have too much colored sugar or sprinkles on one's cookies.  RIGHT????

I finished the quilt for my DD & DS's half sister; she had a little boy on last Sunday.  My friends Madeline & Debbie say that makes me a "half-gramma".  So, of course, I HAD to make a quilt for the little one, LOL.
I'l try to get a picture of it before I mail it off.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

HEY ! it's snow;

this morning it has begun to snow.  
Image result for snow clipartWho knows how long or how much we shall get.  We can pray that it will get cold and give us a lot of the white stuff, but who can tell now with the climate change ???  
I guess I will finally put the rest of the protection on the berries and call the gardening season a close.  We shall see what survives this winter then next spring.
I'm going back to the doc for a follow-up on my shoulder, it is still hurting & the PT had me see doc again before seeing him for more possible work.  Hmmmm, again this getting old stuff is not for sissies !
I'm also going to try to finish the baby quilt - having to fix my errors has slowed me down.  I need to get on to Christmas gifts now, so need to finish it quickly.
I've the sweater for msH about three quarters done and my 2X2X2 socks are about that far, too.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Wonderful Thanksgiving

Many many thanks for our son & daughter-in-law having us for the holiday.  It was really great & the food was terrific.  

Good to have a loving family.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Finishing on Friday & on Sunday, too

It is the end of the week again and not much to show for the time.  Still working on the baby quilt; made a BIG error and have to do some difficult tearing out & a re-do.  It is now quite cold & freezing for 2 nights.  Will have to button up the berries & rose whether they are "leaf-free" or not.  

I plan to put a plastic tent on the berries today to see if I can get them to dry out some before putting straw on them.  I want to avoid mold.  I have to move the cold frame before I do the rose as the cover will not fit if I don't do that.  I had wanted to move the frame anyway as it is hard to reach as it is in the big tire. 

Today is Wool Gatherers "Stash Bash" where we try to thin down our stash of fiber/yarn/tools, etc by trading/selling/giving away to our fellow members.  

Image result for smiley emojiSometimes I am successful in that endeavor and sometimes I fail, although I have never brought back more than I arrived with.  

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Image result for birthday clip art freeWow, what a way to make one feel old.  My lovely son is 46 today.  How could time pass so quickly. I can't begin to tell you how proud I am to have son like him.  He has a wonderful family and a lovely home with plenty of gardens to gladden his mother's heart.

Have a wonderful day today son, enjoy it all and be blessed to have many, many more.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thoughts on Thursday

OK, on with our lives.

Still working on winter button-up.

Still plugging away at "homework" & crafts.

Preparing to start holiday preps. & gifts.

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

2016 Election Day

Have you voted ?

I did.

And whatever the outcome I know our country will survive.  It may not be pleasant for some time, but we can & will overcome the problems that we face.

Please allow yourself to become involved in your community.  Yes, it is true that we really don't have much effect on the national scene - even when we participate in the election system - but WE CAN HAVE AN EFFECT ON THE QUALITY OF LIFE IN OUR OWN COMMUNITIES.

And, face it, it is our duty to our fellow man to be concerned with those around us - and that means all of them, not just the ones we like.  Whatever one's faith or "unfaith" it is paramount for us to take care of our homes, our communities, and our world.  It IS the only one we have and it is the only one our children, grands, & great-grands, etc., etc. will inherit.  Love them, love it and leave them something to enjoy.

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Tuesday, November 1 (ALREADY)

And autumn is full upon us with the rains & wind.  The winter button down is nearly complete.  Then we shall cozy up inside the house and await spring.

It was a nice Halloween, msH and her friend msE "came" out to our house to Trick or Treat, plus we got several of the neighbor children.  Not too many in our little town, but enough to feel we helped them celebrate.

I'm busy today before I go to TaiChi.  Get some housework done & some crafting, then off to Palouse Patchers tonight for my monthly dose of quilting group.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tending to Tuesday

Back from a LONG weekend at the homestead.  We've gotten a whole lot done on the last roundup for Fern Prairie Farm.  Stacked & searched for rocks from the HUGE collection, finished up cataloguing and packing the upstairs of the house, got some starts on the basement rooms other than rock room, and a major part of the "barn/storage/garage" buildings sorted.  We had a metal recycler come and haul 2 loads of metal scrap and emptied 2 pickup truck loads of trash.  A good deal done in a short time.  
Still all very sad, but what needs to be done, must be done.

I got some bulbs and perennials in the mail while I was gone and got the peony and the hosta planted today.  I'll work on getting the bulbs in the ground this weekend. I've a horse costume to finish ;~) first !

Monday, October 17, 2016

Home again - 'dang it'

And back to doing all the needed stuff before I can focus on doing "fun stuff".
Thank goodness for retreats !!  & massages, too - we had our own message therepist at camp ;~)

It's raining again so I will put my major efforts into the inside today.  I do have to seam up msH's costume so I can try it on her for size this afternoon when I take her to dance class.  Some cleaning, laundry & cooking will take up my day today, I think.  

BUT...... I plan to do a tiny bit of spinning this evening.  I spun nearly an entire 8 oz. white roving while at camp and want to finish so I can do plying with my earlier spun orange wool.  I don't know what these wools were as they were some I got from Jenny's memorial stash and they had no labels.  I think the white one is a superwash BFL, though from the feel of the fibers and its staple length.  I think the orange was some merino from the softness, but it was a shorter staple.
So, later (probably much later) there will be a pic of spun & plied yarn for all to enjoy, ;~) ;~)

drMolly, the BeanQueen