Thursday, March 14, 2019

But not without a fight.

It was 12 F this morning.  Winter is not yielding a bit here.  The best thing is that it warms above freezing in the day time and thawing is beginning.

I got a new printer yesterday, but don't have it set up yet.  I also invested in a wireless keyboard and mouse.  They are so cool and not expensive at all.  So much more convenient.  HURRAH.

I got the second cushion done for the grand's sofa.  This one was much better than the first.  I am learning quite a bit.  I also put some heart shape patches on msH's jeans - just like  every other kid she has worn out the knees.

OK, off to get some other things done.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

It may be the end...........

of winter.  There are 40-50 F temperatures in the forecast (if one can trust them).

The 2 feet of snow may finally melt.

Anywhooo, I am getting ready to have my corneal transplant on March 20.  It will be a while before I am able to do much of anything, whether it's blogging, crafting, cooking, etc.  Not because I'll be "down and out", but because of restrictions on movements, etc. to avoid damaging the surgery.  
And the Lord knows I don't want that.  The prospect of being able to see again from my right eye is too much in the forefront of my thoughts for that.

At the moment I am still working on the Guthrie sweater, some socks, another Mother Bear, and a whole bunch of sewing (quilts, mending & garments).  I have to get in a lot before I'm shut down for a while.

Have a blessed day.

Tuesday, March 05, 2019

"but baby it's cold outside"

Oh and indeed it is!  We have had below and near zero Fahrenheit temperatures in the past weeks.  There has been snow, snow and more snow and it is frozen hard out there.  The melt in the gutters froze and now there are giant icicles hanging from those same gutters (I hope they survive the winter-the gutters, I mean).  

Well, I have had the date of my eye surgery set - I get a "new" cornea on the 20th of this month.  So I will be out of commission for a while.  I probably won't get my correct vision in the right eye for around a month.  Then I get new glasses which will be adjusted to my "new eye".  I'm not looking forward to the pain and discomfort, BUT, 
I am anticipating the joy of being able to really see again.

I am coming along on my colorwork sweater.  It is quite addictive and I can see myself doing more colorwork.  Working with only 2 colors is so much more satisfying than doing more at the same time.  Multiple colors give me stress, but the two do not.  I find it quite enjoyable, actually.

I am also starting more baby hats and want to work on msH's crochet doll.  I got some pipe cleaners to put into the legs so they will bend and now just need to put hair on the head and attach it to the body.  The arms are completed, but the head needs to be on first.  Then we get the fun of deciding what clothing & accessories to make.  I do know that she wants the "Little Red Riding Hood" costume first.  That's what she calls the doll.

Oh and a surprise.  She asked me if we could go to get her hair cut after dance - she had previously gotten her folk's permission - but we all were not sure if she really wanted it cut short.  We usually just get a bangs trim.  BUT, she decided she DID want it short and I had her till the hairdresser what she wanted.  It is now at shoulder length with bangs still and she looks quite fetching.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

LOTS of Winter in a SHORT time

February 20:  more snow and more snow.  Schools around closed or late; difficulties getting out to take care of critters - have to shovel one's way out to the chicken house.  AND they are not coming out but for a short time to eat & drink and then right back inside.

I am getting a lot of crafting done when I'm not engaged in trying to keep up with the house.  Too much pain and being too tired do not help when one has many things to do 😒.

I got some lovely "made in US" yarn today in the mail.  I joined the "The Legacy Yarn Club" from Mountain Meadow Wool in Wyoming.  This month I got 2 skeins of Camino KID Ranch Rambouillet sheep 2-ply Bulky Hand-dyed "Indian Paintbrush" yarn,  It is a lovely orange & red color mixed with natural black wool.  The Mountain Meadow folks included both a knit and a crochet pattern designed for the yarn.  One is a caplet and one a hat.  I think I will try both of the patterns.  It's a good prescription for surviving snow & cold, IMHO.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

all sorts of difficulties

February 17:  Well, the eye emergency has now put my corneal transplant on the fast track.  I had to change my Scotland tour dates, change airline flights, etc.  All to the tune of 250 BP and $600 to change the tour and the airline fees.

I am hoping it will be worth it, although I guess it will be as I am looking forward to the trip & the things I will experience.

I've not been able to do much around home as the sight in my right eye is seriously impaired.  Thank heavens we got two of them.

More snow here & cold.  My chickens are getting sick and tired of looking out in the morning and seeing nothing but cold and white.  They come out to eat and then go right back inside.

MsH came for a short visit and we did some more dying of wool yarn.  She's going to have to decide what she wants to have made from all her yarn.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Today's fright

February 14:  This morning when the mister got up to go drive school bus I awoke to a very frightening experience.  I could not see from my right eye and there was a lot of pain in the eye.  As soon as I could I called the eye clinic; they were able to see me this morning.  I had to drive slowly there, both due to the snow and to the fact that my vision was so impaired.  The doctor found that the corneal dystrophy was far worse than the last time I had seen the specialist (earlier this autumn).  She put an emergency bandage contact lens over the eye to help with the pain.  I await a call to see if the cornea doctor wants to see me again right away.

I am now trying to see if I can get my trip to Scotland changed to a later date.  There are 2 more knitting tours after the one I am scheduled for and at last count they were not full yet.  That transplant is not going to wait, I guess.

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

We get our own poar vortex

February 6, 2019:
Our mild winter has turned cold.  We are now having teens & single digits.  At these temps we get little snow, just that tiny frozen stuff that blows all over.  We are grateful that there is not more snow - that blowing snow has closed highways out here in the past.

Since one doesn't wish to work outside in this weather, one takes care of the critters in a hurry and gets back inside.  I've been working on quilts, knitting and some crochet.  Nothing finished yet, but will be in the gain column soon.

Keep warm & stay happy.

Sunday, February 03, 2019

Bad blogger

February 3, 2019: There has been a derth of posting; I'm sorry I have no excuse to offer.  I'm trying to do better.

Amazingly enough I have been able to focus on and keep working toward my 2019 goals.  I guess I should have put blogging there, too.

The weather has not been too bad, tiny bit of snow and some rain.  We will pay come the long, hot summer with low water and tons of bugs.

It has been warm enough that the mister helped me set up my quilt tables in the garage, and he bought a kerosene heater to put in there while I am working.  I finished up the "sandwiches" on two quilts.  I am working on quilting the first right now.
We put the tables away for a bit as there is a forecast for snow and we don't want to leave the car out in the snow. 

I also finished up some spinning, some sewing and some knitting.  I made msH & myself some more undies and completed on of my UFO's in knitting, "that Danish Shawl"

Here is a photo of my latest spin project.  It yielded ~400 yd of 2-ply sport-wt yarn.  This is a combo-spin of Romney and Merino, "Tuxedo Storm".  I'm not sure what it shall turn out to be.

I am planning more spinning and more knitting with my handspun.  I have colorwork project in mind that will use some handspun and some commercial yarn - all of which is precious to me.  The commercial yarn is from Wales - I got it on our trip to Great Britain.  And I plan to use two different samples of my handspun for the second color - Wensleydale & Targhee - in succession.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

New computer

January 23, 2019:
Got a new computer, had to figure out how it operated, and am now just getting back to my blog.

some things which have been done in the "lost fortnight": set up a revolving schedule for myself so I can keep up the homefront - and it's working, taught a class to my WG for making baby hats which we donate to local hospitals for new babies, finished spinning singles and began plying the "combo-spin" of Merino and Romney fibers, helped msH learn to dye wool - we dyed some Quince & co DK wt yarn with easter egg dyes and a KnitPicks sock blank with cake decorating gels.  She got to show off the yarn at the latest WG meeting.  She is full of ideas about what gramma will make for her from "her yarn".
this is the sock blank yarn

And, I got good news on two medical fronts: my knee can heal on it's own without surgery to repair the meniscus and although the Fuch's in my right eye is getting worse it will be a little while until I have to have the transplant - doc says it's my choice when to do it. .

OK, on with our wonderful life.

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

The new year, so far

January 9: our weather has been strange.  First we get a tiny bit of snow, then it warms to the 40’s, and then the wind picks up & we get bouts of freezing rain, snow and warming back & forth.
I have been working on the year’s goals of reduction & wise use of time. Now this is not an easy route, it requires lots of careful & honest consideration and making sure I DO use that time in productive endeavor.
I have done some sewing and some knitting between bouts of cleaning & organizing.  So far, so good.

the 12 days of Christmas - the last 6

January 1: Happy New Year.  We have black eye peas for luck with some nice Cornish hens and salad, having spent the day putting away Christmas.  Then leftover banana creme' pie for dessert.

January 2: more clean-up and working on down-sizing projects.  We've started our "spring cleaning" a bit early.  It takes us quite a while as we often run out of steam early.
Oops, I forgot.  My New Year cast-on was a second Estelle cardigan.  The original one turned out to be a bit small - I could stretch it with extra blocking, but I wanted one that fit better. 
And I plan to knit it in the round, then steek the opening.  My K stitch is so much better than my purl stitch.

January 3: More cleaning & organizing.  I feel as if I am actually seeing a reduction in "stuff".

January 4: Took the mister into town to pick our now very valuable truck.  Then I did the weekly shopping - taking much longer than I wanted as things just seemed at cross-purposes for me.  After that msH came home with me for a weekend visit.  
We tried on the socks I am making for her; they were too small to get over her arch, so although the sock itself fits her foot just fine, I will have to re-do the sock pattern for her.

January 5: Today msH did some sewing on her "uncle Daniel quilt".  It's been a bit since she last sewed so we did a bit of practice first.  This quilt is a long term project, but it's coming along.
We are going to bake some cookies, too. 

January 6:  This is Epiphany, the last of the 12 days of Christmas.  Reflect on God's presence in our lives and be thankful for all that is blessed to us.
Today msH, G-grampa and myself had Oatmeal for breakfast.  This is her favorite thing to have in the morning, that we were surprised when yesterday she said let's have pancakes and oatmeal tomorrow.

drMolly, the BeanQueen