Friday, February 17, 2017

finishing on Friday

Snow is finishing - HURRAH !

The only finishes I have are the leisure socks for the SFS project.  But I'm working daily on the quilting for the last N&N quilt.  Then I can start on the son & D-i-L quilt; afterwards moving on to other UFOs.  

I'm using my annual word - "POSITIVE" -  to keep me on track with my progress.  I will be positive about that which I am doing in all areas.

I'm practicing my Tai Chi and have gained a lot of my balance back.  It is a really good program for that.  

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tuesday is terrific

Image result for valentine clipart     the sun is shining on this St. Valentine's Day 

I'm missing my folks, but I know that life goes on and with the coming of the longer days I feel better each & every one.  
Today we have sold our old Prius and will now be driving the blue one that I inherited from my dad.  An era - the one where we bought a "new" car - is ending, LOL.

I'm engaged in the organization / de-clutter regime'  again.  I've spoken with my #2 sister & we agree that it's a good time to be living our lives and doing these things. "For heaven's sake, just how much stuff does one need?"

Monday, February 06, 2017

making it on Monday

It is melting out here on the Palouse.  One hopes not too fast as the ground is still frozen and we don't want terrible flooding.

I got the 2 CASA quilts all quilted yesterday for the #sbsi - the one "sponsored" by The Twilters (a private Facebook group, but you can join just by asking).  I'll insert a pic of them.  I still have to bind, but that's not something I have any trouble with.

Friday, February 03, 2017

Friday finishings

I could lie and say that the cold is finished, but.................................
we all know that is not true. ☹☹☹

But I do have one thing that is finally finished.  I think I've at last gotten rid of the "bug".  

I finished a beanie for the SFS, am nearly done with some leisure socks, and have started the next shawl in the Shawl Society series - the Asana Shawl.
I also finished 2 tops for the CASA quilts, one pieced back for said tops and am working on the second back. As soon as that is done I shall make quilt sandwiches and get to quilting them.

I also bought a new pattern for a long sleeve blouse that I wish to get started on.  
And I got out the serger, dusted it off and seamed some pieces of flannel I had rescued from a set of worn out sheets to make some sturdy "rag" soakers for cleaning use.

Boy, the domestic bug got me, didn't it, LOL???

Today is TaiChi lesson and I've been practicing every day so I can feel more comfortable with the new moves.   am not really good, but I surely do like the discipline and the activity.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thoughts on Thursday

today I had to go get a paper saying that the DH had mumps when he was a boy - a titer test to indicate he was exposed.  Why? you might ask.  As a bus driver he is around school age children and, well, it seems that WA state has a mumps epidemic occuring.  
Whatever is wrong with folks that they don't get their childrem vaccinated??  Yes, I know there is a slight chance of some bad reactions, BUT is it not far better to prevent your child from getting a disease that could cause bigger problems later in life OR to have them be the source of infection to some child who has a compromised immune system or to be the source of further infections?  
OK, I've had my rant for today.  
But, people, PLEASE do some research, use some common sense and consider something else besides yourselves.

Got one more dishcloth done & am up to the heels on the socks.  I'm going to start work today on some CASA quilts for one of the charities of choice in my quilting group.  These quilts are given to children who must enter the foster system.

Monday, January 23, 2017

making it on Monday

OK!  moving forward with this year's word.  I've been focussing on "POSITIVE" in all that I do and I actually am gaining ground, I think.  I feel much better having a goal. I tend to be a person who "must" do something - although sometimes it is just planning - to feel I've been successful.  Comes from being a definite type I personality, I guess.

Anyway, 'nuf' psychology for today.

I'm having to cook the rest of my squashes to put them into the freezer as they had started to spoil. But we love squash no matter what, so not a problem.  

I got the knitting for the Amulet Shawl from the Shawl Society finished; now have to wash & block and it will be ready to wear.  I plan to do a bit of sewing today, too, before I take msH to dance class.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Another Friday

Well, it is finally starting to melt.  BUT....of course it is forecast to get cold again, so that will mean ice on everything making it so much more dangerous than it already is now.

Enough of bad news already !  On the brighter front I got the last quilt for the nieces & nephews on the table & am about 2/3 done with the pins for the sandwiching.  I got a spurt of feeling better when it started to thaw and am working to keep the streak of good work going.  I didn't get to go to the CASA sew day today as the stupid bug came back AGAIN! & I don't want to give it to anyone.

If I feel better this afternoon I do plan to go to TaiChi as it's the first day for this session.  I do love me some of that discipline.

OK, off to get another day started & "in the books".

Image result for spring clip art

Happy Spring anticipation to you all.

Monday, January 16, 2017

making it on Monday

It's another COLD day here on the Palouse.  It is forecast to warm some, but I'll believe that when it occurs.  The snow & ice are built up everywhere and with the ground so frozen even if it does thaw there will just be floods everywhere as the water can't sink into the soil.

I've not gotten much done around here, but some cleaning and some sorting out of the things that I needed to do for my part of the chore my sister's & I gave ourselves for our folk's memory things.  I'm nearly done with the photos & slides.  It is a very hard job to decide to put much of the stuff into the trash.  It meant something to mom & dad, but for us sibs there is little that means something to us. Other than the fact that it was theirs and they knew from where the photos & memories came.

I'm working on another monster so msH can give one to her daddy.  "This is the one for daddy; he'll be a green monster."

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

"terrific" Tuesday

More snow.  It did melt some, but then got cold again so now there is lots of ice 😒.

I got the cutting table cleaned off so I can put the quilt sandwich on it and add the pins to hold it together.  
Some of the things on it previously were "filed", some things were put in their proper places to be sorted later, & some of the slides were sorted.  Then I dropped my slide viewer and it broke so now I have to wait for a new one that I ordered.  I put the rest of the slides & pictures to be sorted together on a bench to await the continued sort.

I hope to get a bit of sewing in today.  
Tomorrow is another dentist appt. if it doesn't get snowed out 😊.

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Sunday Summation

It has warmed a bit.  There was snow last night, ~1".  There is freezing rain in the forecast :~(

I finished the bears: 
                             Franz bear             


Greta bear

           Hans bear                                                Inga bear

And I've nearly done the "monster for uncle bart" that msH wanted me to make.  Then I have to "make one for daddy, too".  Does that little girl have gramma on beck & call ? - nope, not in the slightest, LOL.

And it's meatloaf & mashed potatoes for supper.  Will have some greens and am making a bread pudding for dessert.  All on track for using that which we have so as to reduce our "footprint" everywhere.

drMolly, the BeanQueen