Monday, December 21, 2009

And the holiday times are way too busy,

as everyone already knows.
My afternoon yesterday with the Palouse Wool Gatherers was fun, fun, fun! The food was so-o-o good & the lady who showed us how to needle felt was great. That is a fun thing to do and I can see that it would be very useful for embellishments on various types of fibery items. Oh boy!!! I REALLY don't need another hobby, LOL.
'tP' had a good day bowling and his potluck was very good - and that's according to his opinion of the whole thing - I wasn't there to make any judgements. But, then potlucks usually have something that all can enjoy.
We got the tree decorated - past the lights that have been the only thing on it since last weekend - we're pretty slow, but just didn't get the time what with 'tP's late hours and all. It looks quite "holidayish", plus I got out some of the other decorations for the tables and walls, etc.
It's just raining, raining, raining here, but mayhap some snow before Christmas.

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