Wednesday, December 23, 2009

the day before, the day before..................

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"......................
The tree is all done, the gifts are all wrapped, what goodies that were to be made are made, the house is decorated, the dinner is planned & all supplies are purchased; we're nearly ready to go.

It'll be just 'tP' & me for both 'the Eve' & the day as the DD's family will be elsewhere and won't come until after "the day"; and the DS & 'T' will be over in Seattle.

I suppose that is what it's more to be like in the future as children grow up & everyone lives their own lives apart. I'm beginning to understand how my mum feels when people don't "come home" for the holidays.

OK, enough sad thoughts - it's also time to start making some plans for the New Year. I don't do resolutions as they never seen to work out, but I do try to get some ideas down about how I might handle things in a different manner.

It's cold here - not that bone-chilling below zero stuff of earlier times - but below freezing. There is a bit of snow that will not be melting. One must dress in layers to make sure one stays comfy while out & about, too.

'tP' had a good night bowling - he finally recovered from his "thrilling day" at the hospital - and got some decent scores (by his standards & he is hard on himself).

I'm still plugging away on my green vanilla socks & the shawlette - I am half-way through the leaf border, then to weave in ends & block it to be finished. I want to get back to the sweaters, but I also have a pair of BD socks to do for the DD's BF & another pair for a good friend of ours (she already has a pair I made, but loves them so much I had to make her another-hey! anyone who appreciates them that much deserves one more, right?)

Seed catalogues have begun to arrive, so it's nice to plan about how that gardening will go. And I really want to finish up the garden beds this year, plus those chickens are tempting me still!

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