Sunday, December 13, 2009

Third Sunday in Advent...........

for all Christians out there, well, some anyway as there might be a different calendar in some Christian faiths (I'm not sure). Good holidays for all, any-who-how. We had a nice children's service at our church this AM & a lovely finger-food fellowship after. Isn't it strange that food forms a large part of so many of our celebrations, no matter what reason? OK, not so strange as food is so important to all of us "human beans". But, tasty none-the-less!
We put our tree up & shall decorate it as we go along. 'tP' is off shopping & tonight is one of his bowling nights, so it shall wait 'til later.
I got the rest of my cards done & he has just a few left to go. Then we shall be all done but for some wrapping & such for the DD & her family. They are the only ones close enough to come for a visit during Christmas time.
I'm baking bread, today, too. One loaf is just not enough for a whole week - homemade is S-O-O-O much better that it just doesn't last, even tho' I don't buy "regular" bread anymore.

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