Tuesday, December 15, 2009


It has turned to rain, so snow is melting and making it pretty soggy. It's hard to walk through also & I have traveling to do across campus today. Ah well, it is not so cold so is better all-in-all.
Having no access to camera makes it hard to show progress on projects - I got the blue vanilla worsted socks done & wore their nice warm coziness to work yesterday. Lovely!!
I'm through heel turn on the green vanilla socks and am working on the leaves trim of the Cedar Leaf Shawlette.
Am tired from slogging through the snow & my shoulder hurts - probably from the grinding of the bean tissues; I need to lift each tube up to the homogenizer & although it's not heavy, it is a lot of lifting and sometimes my shoulder just is not happy with that.
It's raining, not cold, so I'm feeling better about the weather anyway.
Hope it's not a late night tonight.

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Daniele said...

Hi Dr. Molly! Don't strain yourself too much with those beans. We need you to finish that Cedar Leaf Shawlette! Can't wait to see. :)

drMolly, the BeanQueen