Sunday, January 24, 2010

a beautiful SUNday here

that's right SUN! and clear blue sky. We get these days in January out here on the Palouse. It is such a treat - it's not warm, just beautiful.
I'm up after sleeping in until 8:00 !!!! what a deal. It's bread making and lazing around today. The menu is roast chicken, mashed potatoes & gravy and greens for supper with maybe a loverly pie for dessert - how does huckleberry sound?

We're going to take a drive over to Pomeroy and look a little farm - maybe we'll trade our homestead in on a "real farm" - the price is right & it has things we are really looking to find in a retirement place. We don't expect to have miracles happen in that department, but it never hurts to look ;~).

Well, well, we may have found our dream place! We are going to look inside, etc. on Thursday - but it is just the sort of thing we had hoped to find for retirement - we'll just have to do some creative financing & extra-hard planning to make it work. Of course, there are always things that could go wrong, but we're going for it now "if'n we can".

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