Friday, January 08, 2010

Moving right along

I hope, anyway; it's still pretty cold here, but things could be worse, I know. At least the water went down and it hasn't rained again. Frozen ground & lots of rain just don't mix, witness the flooded creek.
'tP' is still working MUCH overtime; not sure when they will get around to hiring more carriers. It gets one more $$$, but there is never enough time to get much else done. (As the lack of some blog posts can verify)

It's turning into a long day at work - I'm in the lab waiting for tests to develop. Sometimes is seems as if time is going so slowly and yet, other times when it zips by. Unfortunately, this is one of those s l o w ones.

My mum sent me a text this AM about the beatuiful sunrise, but it made me cry; to quote her "it's so beautiful, but so short - like life". How can one not be saddened by another reminder about the short time one has left to spend with them? Oh I know one is supposed to focus on the positive part, but sometimes I have real trouble with that.

I'm still plugging away at the inventory in the craft-room; I hope I can get done soon so I can start using some of it ;~).
Here, thought I'd throw in a couple of shots of that "stash" I've been re-discovering as I do the inventory:
pretty, pretty Gloss Sock Yarn (Concord Grape)

happy, bright Cherry Tree Hill Supersock (Life's a Beach)

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