Saturday, June 05, 2010

And, of course, the sun is shining -

it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood! :~) :~) :~)
'tP' rode Sir Harley to work and he's gonna' go on a "night out with the boys" after work-they're riding to Harvard, ID to go to a bike rally that is going on there this weekend.
I'm going to #1GSs GF graduation & party and then home to do some more organizing in the craft room and mayhap a little knitting.
The entrelac hat is in a holding pattern - ran out of Sailor (navy) KnitPicks Gloss worsted & may be short also of the other 2 colors, Crocus & Grass, mnay be short, too. I shall see if anyone on Ravelry has some to sell (for less than KnitPicks, of course, I am a frugal sort, LOL). The latest pair of BBS (team knit) are coming along, but I want to start something else - & SO WHAT IS NEW??? - but I think I'll try to work on some sewing.
Today, before I after graduation, I'm going to try to get some garden work done. I need to work up the bean soil and hoe the corn patch - I shall have to wear my rubber boots as I'll be mudding today.

The graduation was quite long for such a small class (19) and took 2 hours. The speaker was long-winded and each & every scholarship had to be announced by itself even though the same people got nearly all of them. Hmmmmmmmm wonder what goes there? I remember when I graduated from a fairly small school the scholarships were distributed all over the class, but then it wasn't a small, closed farm community either. However, still seemed a bit unfair. 'The GF' got a quite nice one, but may not go to that school as she has plans of her own that don't include what her father & step-mom have "decided" she shall do. When one is 18 one can do as one wishes no matter what, don't they know?
The party was quite nice and got to meet her mom, her grams, some old friends, her brother & some other relatives. They all seem to welcome the #1 GS. Her father & step-mom didn't come as they "don't get along" with the others - they had a party by themselves at their house - go figure??? a celebration for a graduate, but you can't put aside grievances for one day?????

I did get pretty muddy, but got corn patch weeded, bean garden bed spaded and some weeds sprayed with Roundup - it stayed dry for the needed 30 minutes - will wonders never cease?!

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