Friday, July 02, 2010

Hoorah! for long weekends

Us "feddies" get July 5 off from work since our nation's BD falls on Sunday. Maybe I can actually get something done around the place - even with picnics & fireworks for the 4th.

I am going to put into play a new schedule strategy for my hobbies. I seem to get locked into one so that I do nothing on the others and then I get upset at myself for never having time to do them. So, I KNOW I am limited to the time I have for working on these things, but I figured if I would work on one for one day's free time AND then go to the next one on the next day's free time, I could get them all in. I also know that it would slow progress, but it would be more fulfilling to me and much less frustrating.

I've managed to get myself 3 charity projects: SFS socks for our soldiers, bears for The Mother Bear Project for AIDS children in Africa, and baby things for the Bundles of Joy group that sends gifts to the Pine Ridge Reservation hospital for the new babies. I hope they all understand that some of us are slow, but sure :~).

'tP' & I are 'gonna' have picnic on the 4th while we wait to watch the fireworks in Pullman. We go to the breakfast given by the Johnson "city" supporters & then watch the parade there - what???? you don't know the FAMOUS Johnson 4th of July Parade - you must discover one of our best tourist destinations for July 4!! Then since we have the next day off from work we can stay up late & watch the display!

I want to get that craft room cleaned up so I CAN get some of the things I want to work on started.

The cherries have started to appear at the farmer's market, so I'll be getting some on Saturday so we can eat them fresh and can some for winter - we both love canned cherries; they, of course, are not as good as fresh, but in the winter they still "tickle" the tongue with their goodness. The spinach is getting big enough that some of it will be going "to a colder climate", too. It is so nice when the garden begins serving up its bounty!! We are ever thankful for our many blessings.

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yay cherries!

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