Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's Wednesday - hump day here at work

I harvested all the rest of the spinach last night - it was bolting & just could not wait anymore. But that variety seems to be able to hold longer - shall grow it next year, too.
Well, I don't have virus in the beans, so not sure just what is going on there - the only thing I can figure is that there is something in the soil or the manure I got. But the cucumbers are doing just fine and are in the same bed????????
Getting my monthly massage tonight and then going to Red Hat Ladies night out to supper for the month - good times!!
I put the spun NZ wool into a ball last night. I decided to spin each little ball separately and then ply each 2 together - that will give me 4 sets of 2-ply that will be (hopefully) about the same length. Then I will decide what to do with them.
I constructed a box lazy kate so I could take the yarn off from the spindle - it worked great!! - and took it off onto my ball winder. I hope the balling up works OK when I begin to ply - don't want any tangling - EEK!!

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