Sunday, January 29, 2012

Nearly the end of January

and I feel as if I have done not nearly as much as I had wished. But, one just must do what one does - right?

ARGH!!!!!! i cannot get Blogger to stop putting lots of space between subjects

I did get the test knit done for Knitting Pipeline's Paula and it is lovely - I urge you to take a look when it is published.

The eggs are not slacking any & no one wants the extra hens - they were offered free for heavens sake! - thus we will just eat lots of eggs & things made from eggs.

Although I plan to send the hens to the stew pot when they are OLD, but not until they are! I am not going to slaughter them just because I made a wrong choice on number of ladies.

I am working on the shirt for the #2 GS and am about half-way done. I am going to finish the pajamas that have been in the sewing UFO bin for a bit.

I've also been helping my mum, via phone conversations, to start making bears for the Mother Bear Project. She fell in love with the one I was making when we were there for a visit and asked if she could make them. I told her "OF COURSE you can" and she has become so excited gathering yarn & getting the needles, etc. ready. I sent away for patterns for her and she has received them. Our last conversation was about her reading through the pattern and making sure she was remembering how to do knitting - it has been quite a number of years since she did any knitting. I am so proud of her; it is a really good thing for the mind to do knitting and after her problems with the tumor she has been so down about the fact that she could not do some of the things she was able to do in the past. She lost some faith in herself after the trouble; she still "has it", but often has doubts. This project will help bring back that confidence!

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Kathy said...

I've had some trouble with Blogger, too.

You and me both -- I wish I had done more in January. However, you are a career gal and you just mustn't pressure yourself too much -- it isn't healthy. And I'm telling myself that January was the organizational month. However, I'm looking at my "to do" list and choosing what I can do in the next two days to put myself ahead.

It's just delightful that your mother wants to make bears. I remember when we moved my mother to the retirement home. I had a shawl I wanted to crochet for a friend's daughter, and with my job, the kids, and mother's needs, I wasn't getting to it. So I took her the yarn and the pattern. She clasp the package to her heart and started right away. People need to be productive.

Too bad about your hen / egg problem. The world should have such problems!

drMolly, the BeanQueen