Sunday, January 15, 2012

OK! It has finally snowed and....

there is forecast for more. We shall see what occurs.
I went to the meeting of our fiber group - The Wool Gatherers - had a grand time. We always have a potluck and then usually some sort of program. Good food, as always, and an informative demonstration about fiber prepartion (for spinning) from a couple of gals who have fibery animals and do a lot of spinning, etc. Several of our members have fibery critters - alpacas, llamas, sheep of all sorts, angora goats, angora bunnies and even yaks are represented. Good group!
I got the button sewed on the Lavendar Lace Sweater (a summer garment) and purchased the buttons & ribbon for the Pink Cardigan, so I'm making progress.
I also purchased yarn for the cardigan I will be making for my "papa". He had this raggedy old - dare I say it 'acrylic' - cardi that I had made him 'about a hundred years ago'. It was all stretched out and in pretty bad shape - he had loved it to death as he wears it all of the time. It is his "coat of many colors" as I had made a multi-colored stranded sweater for him. I have to admit that this one will be just one color, but it will be wool. Admittedly, I got Cascade SW 220, but that will be for easier care than expecting my mum to remember that it needs to be handwashed, plus all that extra effort needed for regular wool.


Kathy said...

Your work with wool is so interesting, but I'm not one to turn up my nose at manmade fiber. I'm a little allergic to wool. Great to hear of your progress with projects. Love the lavender summer sweater. Beautiful work!

drMolly, the BeanQueen said...

Thank you! It is made from cotton, so really is for summer.
And don't get me wrong - manmade fibers are just the thing for many projects, I just like the feel of wool and there are so many soft & squishy brands now that one just can't go wrong.

drMolly, the BeanQueen