Sunday, April 22, 2012

Another lovely day and I am busy, busy, busy............

I've put my dahlia tubers in their out-door pots (I hope they survived the winter). I'm making bread, doing laundry (hanging outdoors in the wonderful sun & breeze, the clothes, sheets, & towels are drying quickly) - I also have washed one of the quilts to begin my spring cleaning. I am doing some organizing and such to get ready for the "cleaning binge", too. I actually like spring cleaning; it makes me feel so good about our house and is just great for the organized-me, LOL.
I've puttered in the garden beds a bit, thinned out the carrot seedlings and transplanted & thinned the beets & chard. I started some coles and some fava beans in the GH at work. I want to get a few more beet & carrot seed planted today, too - I figure there is enough chard as one does not have to cut off the whole plant, just the leaves one wishes to use for the meal.
The potatoes & onion plants are on their way- got an e-mail yesterday from Irish Eyes Seeds. We plan to empty the compost bins & amend the soil in the potato & corn beds. In this manner even if it is not quite finished it will be improve the fertility of the veggie beds.
The biggest chore today will be to give Teddy a haircut - this will be first time I use the electric shears. I shall let you know how he likes that :~).

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