Monday, July 30, 2012

Busy as usual

More work done around home - it's needed badly.  There is all of the garden/orchard/berry production to deal with and all of the "regularly scheduled programs", too.  I just can't seem to catch up. 
I finished the "Tour de Fleece" spinning, but have had to cancel my attempt to join in the Ravelennic Games due to the overwhelming amount of "regular" work that is needed.  ie. yesterday I made 15 jars of jam!
I did want to share my goodies that I received in the Caitheness Craft Collective blog's 'tea towel swap'.  
Here's a photo of the goodies that Amanda sent to me:  

Aren't those the cutest sheep in wellies? 
And I can't wait to try my tea - since I had tea in GB I really don't like any other kind, LOL. 

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