Friday, August 24, 2012

Don't you think autumn has arrived?

It's still warm, but cools way down at night, the fall winds are blowing and it smells like autumn.  Harvest - in the farmer's fields & at our house - is in full swing and we are getting a good deal of fruits & veggies to "put up" for next winter. 
I should have been born earlier as I love to do this sort of thing.  Of course, I do it anyway, but it seems that it was more appreciated by others in those times.  One can't go back and I know that there were lots & lots of things that were not good, but then that is what nostalgia is for, right? :~)
I've canned some more beans, beets & greens.  There are cucumbers in the frig to make pickles as soon as I get some peppers from the farmer's market tomorrow.  My tomatoes are ripening; I'm putting them in the freezer and when I get a whole bunch I will make sauce, paste & such from them.  I may try my hand at homemade pasta sauce to can. 
The plums that are left are being dried and canned as they finish ripening.  I plan to get a few peaches to freeze, too.  The apples will not be ready for a while, so they are not "pressing" me to get to them right now.  Later in the fall they'll be potatoes to dig and dry beans to harvest, too.


steelwool said...

I am so jealous of the garden. We had no raspberries or mulberries this year and I am still waiting on tomatoes. We did get lettuce and parsley but not much excitement there.(chicago area). I will think of your garden as I open my store bought canned tomato sauce.

drMolly, the BeanQueen said...

Don't be too jealous, you know, that is the way it is with farming/gardening. One has good years and bad years, but always "put up" what you get in the good ones to tide you over in the bad ones.
Can you tell I'm a bit old-fashioned??

Kathy said...

Yes, I agree -- it feels like fall here in the northwest. My garden did not produce well this year. About all I ask of it is zucchini and tomatoes. None of my plants were good producers.

I have never canned, but our interest in jelly continues, and it seems a short step from sealing the jelly jars in a hot water bath to canning some fruit.

drMolly, the BeanQueen