Sunday, November 25, 2012

Very cold today

'tP' got all of our 'free composted manure' spread on the garden beds.  We plan to go back & get one more load to put on the corn & potato beds.

No great-grand baby yet - the suspense is tremendous. 

The #1 GS & I are trying to plan our foray into Etsy shops.  We know one does not make a lot of money, but maybe selling some craft items will allow us to both have fun making things we like to craft AND not having them pile up at home.  He knows more about the computer end than I do so he can do that part, while I can add to his inventory .

I did a bit of house cleaning today & am working on the craft-room organization again.  It seems to take a long time as I am also sorting to reduce volume, too.  Then, of course, one finds those UFOs that have been hidden (& for my 'bonked brain' forgotten); projects that one must decide to finish or to 'frog' (that being my now universal name for projects that won't be finished, by me anyway).

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Kathy said...

I've been a little shy about selling online, but if I had a kid to support me in the effort, I'd totally go for it. It's not so much crafts with me as the odd item that I'd like to sell myself rather than giving away. I look forward to hearing more about this venture.

I had the same sort of day -- cleaning and sorting. Sometimes it feels good to just part with a UFO that somehow just doesn't feel right.

Even I'm anxious to hear that Hazel has arrived! (LOL)

drMolly, the BeanQueen