Monday, December 24, 2012

Just back from visiting the folks &

we wake up to a blizzard!  It is a good thing it was not doing this as we came home - we had incredible bad luck yesterday. 
First we somehow managed to forget the dogs (they had been spending most of their time at "gram & gramps" in the basement snuggled up to the wood stove) until we were about 10 miles away from them.  So, turn around - with our 27' camper that is not quite as easy as one might expect - and go back to get them.  Then as we are about 2 hours from home we hear a strange noise, quickly stop to check & we find a blown out tire on the trailer that has torn part of the side from the trailer as the steel belt came apart.  It is by now dark so we limp down the road until we find a farmer's equipment storage side road that has an overhead light so we can change the tire.  Luckily !!, that went quite quickly, although it was very, very cold out there.  Then to top it off as we are heading down the grade into Clarkston our low fuel light comes on (REALLY, REALLY bad fuel mileage on the way back) so we had to make sure we got diesel in Lewiston.  Now that is where we usually fill up as it is cheaper, but we had made it all the way to mom & dad's on only 3/4 tank going over there, so we were severley disappointed.

We plan to have the family over for Christmas dinner, so I am hoping some of this will be gone or at least calmed down so they are able to get out here.  Unfortunately on this part of the Palouse Prarie we often have closed highways due to blowing & drifting snow - the plows can't keep it open at times.

I finished up the baby sweater that I had been making for my nephew's expected little one.  (picture as soon as I get it off my camera)   I also got the sweater I've been doing for my dad fitted on him so I know where to end the sleeves & made sure it would fit him well, too.  On the way there & back I worked on designing & knitting a pair of socks from the yarn that I received via our friend's unfortunate passing.  I'm naming them 'Jenny socks' in her honor.  I also plan to spin some of the really nice fiber I've received too, then make something lovely in remembrance.

OK, now off to prepare for my guests tomorrow - praying they will all make it safely here through the snow.

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