Tuesday, December 11, 2012

the love of friends

'tP' & I received a gift from our friends in England to give to our lovely little great-grand daughter.  Carol apologized for not being 'talented enough' to make something for the little one, so instead they ordered something that their own grand daughter had loved as a baby.  Goodness!! there is no need for apologies in our opinion, love knows no definition of a 'good-enough' gift & that's for sure. 
He will deliver it along with another gift from my #1 brother & his wife, plus some more banana bread that I've been making for holiday gifts.  Little Hazel is now one week old and the kids say she is a wonderful baby, not too much fussing and easy to care for, too.

I've reached the point of decreasing on the sleeves for my dad's cardigan, but I think I'm going to stop working on the sleeves and do the steek & button bands.  He wanted 3/4 length sleeves & I'm not sure just exactly where to stop.  So, when we go for a visit the week before Christmas I'll take it along & have him try it on.  Then I can finish the sleeves & he will be able to wear it if the button bands & buttons are all done.

I'm finishing up those SFS socks, too.  I shall have to see if there are lighter colored socks to knit, too, as I am having trouble with the dark colors and small stitiches.  Also tells me that I must needs have my glasses checked AGAIN! 
          I absolutely refuse to not be able to see.

It is cold & damp today, but the chickie-doodlers wanted out to roam anyway.  they surely do not like to be penned up all of the time.  I was almost ready to put up my mouse trapping operation in the chicken house as I had not caught any in over a week, but "what do you know?", there was a mouse in one of the traps this AM.  So, the trapping business is still in operation.  The loss of chicken food is WAY-WAY down though, so we have progress.

Today the DH took me to some of the antique stores in Uniontown so I could look for a sturdy table to use under the loom (the one loaned to me by a member of our spinning group).  At the second store we stopped in to look we found an old dining table that will "do the trick".  I will need to stabilize better one of the legs & refinish it, but it is quite sturdy and the right height, too.  Uh-Oh I am heading toward the black hole of weaving - ACK!!


Kathy said...

My sister has had a pen pal in England since high school. (My sister is 78 and her friend is 80.) They still enjoy the occasional exchange of letters and small gifts.

A sturdy table is a wonder to behold!

drMolly, the BeanQueen said...

Well, Carol & I are not that old yet, but we are both 64 & have been pen friends since we were 12 years old - that's 52 years!

And you are right about tables - it was hard to find one. this one is old, but they made then better back then.

drMolly, the BeanQueen