Friday, January 11, 2013

A bit more cold to come

We've had a bit of snow and now it is cooling down again.  It was 18 F here this AM and we had about an inch or so of snow last night.  It covers all of the melted and then re-frozen patches making walking a bit tricky out there.

The chickens are weathering OK, still get 1-3 eggs per day, so I can't complain.  They seem to like the heat lamp in the house - they stay inside most of the time, only venturing out when it looks as if there may be some bare ground appearing.

I am still working on my goals fo 2013.  Most of them, of course, will be just to maintain the gains that I made in the past year, but I believe my focus this year will be on the ways to make our lives the most enjoyable, even through difficult times.  I guess one could title it "Count one's blessings!".

I'm in middle of the sock designing & knitting - they are simple socks, so anyone will be able to do them.  I'll post the pattern on Ravelry when I'm finished.  I've got my dad's sweater all done but for grosgrain ribbon stabilization & buttons - will try to get the supplies for that this weekend.  The craft room organization and logging goes on.  I still am not sure exactly how to reference everything so I'll be able to locate it easily (or relatively easily, I guess).

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Kathy said...

I guess we're in the midst of a little cold spell. No snow here in the valley. Looks pretty bleak out there.

I find it's an ongoing process to keep the sewing room/office organized. I'm enjoying it -- I have ideas and I'm inching forward. Yesterday I bought an over-the-door shoe holder with clear plastic pockets to hold some of the items I can never locate.

drMolly, the BeanQueen