Monday, January 07, 2013

Not sure if our weather prognosticator lives where we do...........

Rain, we were to have rain??  then why is there 6-8 inches of snow out there?  Oh well, it can't be helped & all I worry about is that 'tP' makes it home safely tonight.  He called to say they were all going to be late as the big mail delivery tractor-trailer rig had not arrived until quite late in the morning and they were just now getting their mail sorted.  So, it's going to be a late evening for all of the carriers.

I dug out to the chicken house, fed them; dug out to the bird feeders, gave them more seed & suet and tried to shovel the walk a little.  A waste of time as it filled in again right away.  I'm hoping that the temperature does rise a bit so some will melt away.

May I recommend a book series to you all?  I have just finished the third in a series by Jacqueline Winspear - the Maisie Dobbs books - that I find quite enjoyable.  If you like books about people & how they "tick", plus some mystery, too, you will like these books.  Maisie is a young woman who served as nurse in WWI and returns home to England to become an investigator. 

OK, now off to do some work around the home.  Enjoy the day - it's what we all need to do!

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