Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Have you tried a "Craftsy" class?

I have finally been able to take advantage of some of the classes that I chose from the Craftsy platform.  There are both free & paid-for classes for many types of crafts.  The teachers are 'famous' people from the varied areas within the selections. 
I have signed up for a variety of sewing, quilting, knitting & spinning classes - some free, some purchased.
The ones which I've tried so far are in the sewing and quilting areas.  I find them to be quite useful and even when I know most of the techniques, etc. there is always something that I have learned.  'New tricks for old dogs' as it were :~).

Here are a couple pictures of some quilt blocks I've made for a couple of the quilting courses:

These are all made from fabric in my stash, scraps and/or remnants.

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