Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Home again, jiggedy-jig..............

Well, not exactly jiggedy I guess as it takes 8 hours to go between my parent's home and ours.
Anyway I'm here.  I'm tired and, of course, a bit sad.  It's hard having to face the fact that your folks are not the bastion that you somehow just knew would always be.  Oh, of course I knew that all of us come to the end of our lives, and they have had a good long run, but it is still hard.  Mom is feeling a bit better as her medicine is helping, but only time will tell how long she really has to be with us.  She assures me she is not in pain & it truly appears to be the truth.  Dad says he thinks so too.  My sibs who live close check every day to make sure things are OK.
It is so hard to be so far away, but maybe it would be harder to be close.  I just don't know.
OK, now I have to get on to that tree pruning!  It's supposed to warm up and I've 1&1/2 still to go.


Kathy said...

Being a late-life child I was 37 when my dad passed at age 83 -- 25 years ago. In the end a lot was wrong and he didn't linger. My mother was with us another ten years -- a slow decline. Well, we just do what we can and learn our lessons, knowing they did (or are doing) their best to set an example for us. I'm grateful that your mother is comfortable.

drMolly, the BeanQueen said...

Me too Kathy. I was really worried about that.

drMolly, the BeanQueen