Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thoughts on Thursday

I want to work out in the garden, etc. - even do weeding, ACK!  But it is so darn cold out there.  Plus, I need to get myself one of those garden seats/kneeling pads that will allow me to be able to get down closer to the work other than bending over - and that just does not do one's back any good at all.

I cleaned out the garage refrigerator so now we can store the summer beverages, and garden/orchard produce as it is being processed.  It was pretty messy as one of the units of frozen fruit or berry pulp had tipped over and leaked all over the freezer part.  So it took awhile to scrap, soak and wipe out all of the gunk. 

I baked cookies for the quilt show - all of us members bring 2 dozen homemade cookies for the refreshments that are served to all of the folks who come to the show.  I made Wheaties® cookies & butterscotch chip cookies.

Now I am trying to get a bit more "into" my organized/simplified life.  I've been trying to follow an idea that one of my sisters (#3, I think) had been discussing with my mum; 'to whit' - start doing your organizing with the goal of getting rid of all of that stuff that you know (as in admitted FINALLY to yourself) you will not use, do not like, or wonder why in the world you ever got it.  Trying to do one thing a day was the #3's goal, but I'm not sure I am up to that. 
My mum loved the idea.  She is coming to the end of her run here on the planet and feels that it is really ridiculous to keep so many things around.  I admire much her practicality!   It often makes me sad to consider why she is doing this, but I also know that I've inherited much of her "use & make-do" mentality and have "stored up" many things that I did not need to have done.  Thus, I'm really focussing on the goal of "down-sizing" even if I do not need to do it for practical home-size purposes.

I finished up the latest Mother Bear Project bear and a pair of regulation socks for the Socks for Soldiers Project.  I've also been working on my Pomme de Pin cardigan.  I finished the bottom ribbing and have started on the lace pattern of the body.


Kathy said...

Don't ya hate when gooey stuff spills in the fridge!

Perhaps your mother enjoys going through the things that have been meaningful to her. It's a gift to her family, whether or not she thinks of it that way. My mother refused to do it.

Well -- we all have it to work out.

drMolly, the BeanQueen said...

I think you are right Kathy - she has been "gifting" things to us for quite awhile now - she says she wants to see folks enjoy them while she still can.

drMolly, the BeanQueen