Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Terrific Tuesday (another one)

More beautiful sun & warmth today.  I got out early and made sure the plantings had plenty of water; just waiting now to see them pop from the ground.
Already have one load of laundry done & ready to hang, just have another small one to go.  I plan to do a bit more "spring cleaning" today, too - slow & sure wins the race.

Cherry tree
The fruit trees are all in bloom now, the apples just beginning to open.  This nice weather says we may get a good fruit year if there are no unexpected freezes later - AND THEY DO HAPPEN, unfortunately.

    apple blossom

apple buds                                 pear blossoms

I also noticed that the strawberries are starting to bloom, too.  The nets will have to be put in place soon - keeps the birds from getting our fruit.

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