Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Day 1: 'sans' 'tP'

OK, I've finished the lawn mowing & raked up some of the grass.  I did a bit of weed whacking - until the battery in my electric one went 'flat' - and I have done judicious garden watering.  I can tell you that there is a big reason I don't like lawns!

Anyway, now I'm inside - where it is air conditioned as it is already nearly 80 at 9:00 AM - and doing some inside work.  Later this morning I am going to lunch with my friend Nora - who, unfortunately, is still working - whom I visit once a month for lunch to keep up her spirits while she is still an ant in the 'hill'.

And already I see that the berries will have to be picked again.  The heat makes them get ripe overnight.

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