Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I got 5 quarts of pie cherries this year.  That is the most we've had from our tree.  The poor thing blooms often at the wrong time for here and the pollen gets frozen or washed away.  We feel so fortunate - 5 pies in the future!

I will concentrate on harvesting greens today, I think, once it has cooled a bit this evening.  The hot seems to be determined to stay for a bit.  Maybe I'll get some cucumbers & tomatoes this year, too.  Although I'm a bit worried as it looks like I may have a problem with something I have added to the soil - some of my plants are evidencing nutritional stress.  I'm not sure if there may have been something strange in the compost I used.

I did not get to go to my planned sewing class today as the Prius took the opportunity to let us know the "little battery" had come to the end of its life today.  Most people don't know that there is a little battery under the hood that is used for the starting mechanisms and it is not related to the "big batteries" at all.  One must replace it periodically or one goes no where even if the big ones are OK.  So, I shall have to have a lesson some other time, I guess.


Kathy said...

I envy you your cherries. We got a pint. The tree is still small, but as you suggested, I thought the blooms got caught in weather issues.

drMolly, the BeanQueen said...

Yes, this was a VERY good cherry year for us. Other things not so good, but we take what we are able to get!

drMolly, the BeanQueen