Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back home & many problems

We got the 5-generation pictures taken.  They will be good to see & I shall share ASAP.
The DD got the borrowed bike there, but forgot the tabs.  Our Harley is still in shop & would not be done in time to go so she had offered the one she has.
I mailed them thinking I had until Saturday to get them there.  Then I found that they planned to leave Friday morning.  Needless to say the tabs did not get there today, so now the DH will just have to return the bike and does not get to go on the ride. 
Other family crises have ensued and it is just "a bad day at the ranch".  I'm hoping things even out soon.

I harvested garlic, onions and kohlrabi today.  There are beans to pick and swiss chard to pick & process.  I got a few cucumbers and there seems to be a bumper crop coming up.  I wanted to go & see if there are any blackberries down in the valley, but not sure when we will get time to do that.  

I am also very tired of the hot.  It could just cool down a bit & it would be more livable.

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