Sunday, August 04, 2013

Fully retired!

The denizens of Rosevale on the Palouse are now officially retired folks.

We are now engaged in the process of seeing how many chores there will be now that we have time to do the ones that were put off while we were working.  The list is gonna' be quite long ;~).

'the DH' is out spraying crabgrass in his lawn and I picked blueberries this morning.  I'm making pot roast for him today as I have to leave tomorrow to go "babysit" my son's house in Seattle.  I'll be gone for a week and I'm preparing meals for 'tDH' to eat while I'm gone - him not being the world's best cook and all.

It's a lovely day today - back to being warm & dry - so we can work outdoors and get some of the chores done.  

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