Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Day #2 & on track

I had to have something to say today besides the fact that our friend Lawrence helped us by letting us bury Buster on his farm.  
He had heavy enough equipment to dig frozen ground.  

Goodbye Buster, you were a great friend!

I got more cleaning done - worked on the refrigerator for some "deep cleaning" and more in the kitchen, too. 
Then I started a beanie cap for the SFS group - we use the remnant yarn from the socks to make beanie hats.  This will be my first one as it just took me forever to get the pattern downloaded.  For the socks I just had to go to my files and there it was ;~).
And I worked on my sweater a little bit, too.

Tomorrow will show more progress as I have no other distracting chores to get in my way.

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