Monday, January 06, 2014

Well now we can be thankful we DON'T live in the midwest,

although it is cold here it is not THAT cold they have there.  Thank your lucky stars you live here in the PNW, even here on the "dry side".

The goals are on track.  This week is "bathroom week", and although I did not get all of the "deep cleaning" in the kitchen done there is always another week in the schedule!  I feel as if I have a good handle on the things that need doing, even through the malaise of my low period.  As my late mum said, "things work out, maybe not how YOU think they should have, but they work out".  And they do seem to be working out on the positive side more than the negative.  HURRAH!

Going to take a walk out to the library today - the branch in our little town is about 6 blocks from our house - and get some "hard" reading material (as opposed to e-books or audio-books).  Sometimes it's good to actually hold a book.


Kathy said...

Good to hear that you're making progress with your goals.

My family agrees -- the feel of a book in your hands, even the smell of it -- it's good! My daughter found a copy of The Egg and I at the farmhouse and read it in a few days, then went to the library to check out another Betty MacDonald book, Anybody Can Do Anything. Kinda fun to watch "the kids" discover "old reads."

drMolly, the BeanQueen said...

Yes! I haven't read The Egg & I in years.
May have to re-explore some old ones.

drMolly, the BeanQueen