Thursday, April 24, 2014

Watching msH

keeps me busy.  I am at work, also, with more organization & such.  

It keeps raining so can't get to the rest of the outdoor work - GRRRRR!

I've finished my center block for the Round Robin I've joined ( Lazy Daisy Quilts [podast ] ). This is my first in over 40 years of quilting & I am excited to see how it turns out. 

I finished the 4th bear-in this set of bears (for a total of 20 bears) for the Mother Bear Project (this was the one my late mum started-she was so excited to be able to help-but didn't get to finish) 

& sent him off with 3 others I had completed: 

I also sent off a pair of soldier socks & 2 beanies to the SocksForSoldiers project.

I got the replacement purple raspberries (for the ones that did not grow last year) - Purple Royalty - they are really good producers and seem to be resistant to the Phytophora fungus that is indigenous in the clay soil here.  RainTree Nursery, a really good nursery to do business with!  Planted them yesterday so they are getting plenty of water.

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