Thursday, May 15, 2014


Pea seed is germinating; materials for early corn start are at hand; coles in cold-frame are ready to be transplanted; baby blueberry & black cap plants are ready to be put into pots for sharing; and it's WARM!

I got the UFO quilt sandwiched and ready to quilt and the CASA quilt is backed with fleece and it's ready to quilt, too!  I started some socks for someone who asked me to make a pair for a friend in the military & I'm halfway through the SFS socks, too.

I've found that I have not kept as good track in my craft room logs as I should have when I went to look for the fabric to back the UFO quilt, so I figure I'd better make a really big effort to do so.  Hey! it was supposed to save me time & effort - what good was all that work if I don't?????

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Kathy said...

Oh! I don't know about those inventories, Doc Molly. Cut yourself some slack. It's meant to be a help to you -- not a set-up to make you feel like a failure.

Managing our stuff is difficult. I have a simple pattern inventory (just a list) on my computer to keep me from buying the same one twice, but otherwise, I don't worry about it. I keep my fabrics sorta organized in boxes by type or color.

drMolly, the BeanQueen