Monday, June 23, 2014

Falling behind again

We've been really busy around the homestead.  Have torn out our front porch and taken down the railings of the deck in preparation to replacing them with something that actually is not falling apart all of the time.

The garden is beginning to take more time too.  This morning we picked our first strawberry crop - of apparently many to come.  I've all of the veggies planted but for the later corn and some more lettuce & spinach for the fall.

Crafts are coming along, too.  I finished the socks for the other soldier and they've been transferred to their recipient.  I've finished the pair of regular soldier socks and am washing & drying prior to sending off - although I may wait for that until I finish the beanie from the leftover sock yarn.  
The little summer suit for msH is about half way done.  I've nearly finished the pants & plan to start the top tomorrow, too. 
I'm thinking about what quilt project to start on when the quilting on the mystic blue quilt is done.  I had a "wrench thrown in the works" when I took the foot control down to the repair shop to get the replacement part.  The technician accidentally broke the new part so now have to wait for a replacement - probably a couple of weeks.  
I got out my little Janome GemGold, but can't quilt with that, so the baby sewing is progressing on that machine.  I'm trying to figure now how to convert my SewSteady table-topper to use with the Gem since I no longer use it with the Husquavarna.  I bought the SewEzi table for Lily & it is portable, too, so don't use the table-topper now.

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Kathy said...

Things are definitely coming along. You are such busy, productive people.

drMolly, the BeanQueen