Sunday, August 24, 2014

the plum deluge

It's the year of PLUMS!
Both trees were loaded, as in the clusters of plums looked as if they were bunches of grapes, and now I am trying to find things to make so as to use all of our bounty.
We have eaten plums until they are "coming out our ears", I've made plum butter, dried plum/prunes, and canned plum juice, and now I am making plum chutney.  I found 3 different recipes on "the net" and I am trying all three.  We shall see which one we like best.
The pears are soon to be ready and there are a lot of them, too.  Besides canning pears - we LOVE them - I am planning to make some pear vinegar.  I've lots of types of fruit so my vinegar collection is going to expand.
I have made pickles and canned beans.  There are a few more beans left to go and lots of cucumbers - I think our chickens will score there.
Oh yes!!  we are getting eggs now.  Lovely little brown pullet eggs - nearly always 3 per day from the 3 little ladies - that will become larger as they get older.

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