Monday, October 20, 2014

managing Monday

The retreat was great!  I took a mini-class in making pine needle baskets (something my great-grandma made & I always wanted to learn).  I brought home the beginnings of a small basket; I want to make it a bit taller.  I promise myself I will finish it !!!!!!! 
(this is a photo of a simple basket, not mine)

I worked a bit on those annoying socks, did a little spindling on the Wensleydale roving, but spent most of my time finishing bears for the MotherBearProject (I got 2 crochet bears completely done and 1 knitted bear nearly done, although I may have to re-do one arm as it appears to be a bit longer than the other, LOL).

It is very warm today, warmer outside than in the house.  I went out
and worked for a bit on clean-up & storage for winter.  I'm still 
removing strawberry plants as I could not give away any of the plants -     I am not sure what is wrong with people that they can't even take free
I also planted some new bulbs for spring: wood hyacinth, giant 
snowdrops, & early snow glories.


INSIDE: today is more-more-more restoration of things moved for floor re-do.  I've also decided to rearrange the sewing room as I put the things back.  Maybe I can find more room or maybe I can just be better organized so I can find things! Menues were on the job list, too.  I got both bookcases in the craft room and a couple of the bulletin boards up. My thread is back in there, too.

OUTSIDE: in front of "pea patch" N to S; (4) Wood Hyacinth [Hyacinthoides hispanica], (5) Giant Snowdrops [Leucojum aestivum] & (10) Early Snow Glories [Chionodoxa forbesii].

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OdetoMrs.KatzCohn said...

I'd take a strawberry plant! You'd have to tell me how to take care of it though. I've never heard of pine needle baskets but the sample one id really pretty and rustic.

I found you from Modern Retro Woman. :)


drMolly, the BeanQueen