Monday, October 13, 2014

Managing on Monday

Our natural color bamboo floors are all in and the baseboards are done, too.  The bathrooms are nearly finished.  the DH just has to paint the doors and put them back up and we will be :back to normal" in those rooms anyway. 
I'm pretty tired of a house in disarray, but there is lots to go.

I made applesauce from all of the apples that had worms - of course I took out the worms!!!  I got 4 quarts, 2 of which I gave to my DD and #2 GS.

I dug a few more carrots; there are ~ 2/3 of them left to go.  And the few beets left, too.  Still putting things to rights for the coming winter season.

I'm making my third bear in this set of "Mother Bear bears".  I had to buy more polyfil, so they are all flat right now.  But as soon as I get faces on them they will be stuffed and sent off.  I also realized I had a pair of SFS socks and a beanie that I've forgotten to send off.  I had better get them on their way.

Our Wool Gatherer Retreat is this weekend - I am so glad as I need a break.

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