Sunday, October 05, 2014


We got the apples all picked - now I must sort them to remove wormy ones & decide what to make with all of them.  There are many.  Some I will donate to the Second Harvest so they can be given away.  With others I'll make applesauce, pie & cobbler apples and some apple butter.  Of course some will be dried, too as msH "loves her some dried apples".

I started working on the Round Robin block for Kathy.  It is a Christmas theme, so I'll have to raid my holiday fabric to add to the mix.  Now if I can only remember where I put it when I cleaned out the craft room for the new floor to be put in.

the DH has been painting, I've been out cleaning up for winter.  I got all the potatoes dug, washed & stored.  There was not a tremendous harvest, but it's pretty good. 

There was something that ate into some of them and there seems to be a really bad problem with scab.  I'll have to do some investigations on how to solve these problems.  I took all the damaged ones and turned them into hash-browns that are stored in patties in the freezer.  

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