Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Thanksgiving to remember

We had dinner with all of my sibs, my 88 year young dad, some of the nieces & nephews, and our #2 GS and #1 G-GD.  It was great.  So nice to have a time together that was not due to sadness.  
We shared the getting together of the food and the cleaning up.  When my family gets together it is noisy, lovely time!  

We came home to snow and cold.  But our handyman had done some work while we were gone, so now, at least I can put my pantries back into place.

I am going to try to get the shelves up in the office closet and maybe feel some type of normalcy return.

Our little msH is staying with "Katie Ahma" this evening & tomorrow since she did not get to come to the family celebration.  They are going to try to make some cookies to start preparing for the Christmas whingdings.
Something I have to do tomorrow, too, as I am already going to a Christmas party at my quilt group on Tuesday!

Then I have to get the cards done & the gifts that I want to make, plus the list of the ones I will purchase.  I am going to try to make holiday goodies this year too as I feel I actually will have time this year.

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