Wednesday, December 31, 2014

And say goodbye to 2014

A new year begins tomorrow.  May it bring all of us something we can use to improve our world, our community, our families and ourselves.

I began to "put away Christmas" today.  I took down the tree - getting needles everywhere, of course - and put away some of the decorations.  This will be a several day process as some things must wait until the DH comes home.  He plans to leave tomorrow after he makes sure his niece is in her recovery situation.  Then, we will begin our new year with some navy bean soup - forgot to get the black-eye peas so beans it is!

I'm working on the Round Robin top again today.  I hope to get a couple of blocks done.  They are slow as there is a lot of work in all that many foundation-pieced blocks.  But I'm hoping it gets the effect I plan for the top.

So, I'm done with my cleaning/housekeeping for today - on to play!

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