Sunday, December 21, 2014

Summing it up on Sunday-the first day of winter !!!!

Aha! several more things finished BEFORE Christmas.  We actually got all the gifts purchased (save one that the bookstore seems to have lost, but is now re-ordered), part of them wrapped and all of the handmade ones done, too.

I finished the peanut brittle after getting a new candy thermometer yesterday.  Today is the DH's bowling holiday party and my Wool Gatherers holiday bash, so won't get too much finished today, but hope to get that frosting made & the cookies decorated.  I got all the filberts cracked for the Russian Teacakes so can do them tomorrow :~).

And who would know it's winter ???? It's 46 degrees F right now with the wind blowing - sort of like always here in the Palouse, being prairie and all.  But at the moment not complaining due to some unfortunate things going on with our extended family.  
On Thursday the #1 GS told us he thought there was a leak from his water pipes or water heater and the bedroom carpet had become very wet.  Yesterday, the DH & our handyman (the guy working on our house for us) went over there and determined that someone had changed the plumbing & put it in wrong so over time leak had developed.  It's going to take some time to get everything dried out even after the water has been shut off and the leaking hoses replaced.  
Then the DD called me last night to say the alternator went out in her car; luckily she was at a friends and the auto parts store was still open so they could fix it - took 'til wee hours of morning, tho'.  

However, as always one must count one's blessings.  Things can be fixed and life goes on.

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