Saturday, January 03, 2015

Shopping Saturday

It's too bad one can't just order in everything one needs instead of having to go out and purchase it.  I get so tired when I have to go out & get supplies.
Today was also the Daisy grooming day so I had to load her up in the truck and take her to Moscow before I got the marketing done.  Driving the truck makes my shoulders ache; good old 'arthur' as my #2 sister would say.
By the time I get home I am just about done in.  Today I had the option of asking the DH to drive me in to get her as he has time off from his bus driving job for the holidays. 
I've done some more on the blocks for the Round Robin top, but after I messed up on a seam for the paper piecing I decided to stop for the day.  One uses tiny machine stitching when one is paper-piecing and it is VERY DIFFICULT to tear out a seam.  I just was not up to facing that right now.
I'm also working on the 2 pair of socks; one is the knee socks and the other is the toe-up fish lips heel pair. A slight bit of progress there.  I hope to get more done tomorrow.  The weather helps me there - too cold & such to stay outside much.

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