Tuesday, March 10, 2015

long weekend for dad's 89th birthday

We got back yesterday from dad's.  Long drive, as per usual, and of course we are tired.

It was a great time, though and the Welsh Brothers Plus got the greenhouse up and ready for dad to get going on all of those things that he wishes to use it for, plus some of the grands helped him plant 'spuds' & peas.  
We had a big potluck party for his birthday, too.  The birthday is actually today, but HEY! with 7 children & MULTIPLE grands, great-grands & great-great-grands you get 'em when you can get 'em.  

The Welsh Sisters Plus got the house cleaned up a bit (again, LOL) and provided sustinence support as well as moral support and an occasional hand at greenhouse and tractor driving support.

All in all it was so good to have everyone who could come join in the celebration. Many more years of happy puttering are expected for our favorite old gentleman.

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