Sunday, April 12, 2015

Home again

Quilt camp was loads of fun - as per usual.

But there was a note of sadness there.  One of my dear friends has been diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer - she NEVER smoked - and has been undergoing some pretty serious 'chemo'.  Another friend brough us news on her journey so far.  It is not totally bad, but, oh what a hard "row to hoe".  I have her in my prayers daily.  We had a card for all to sign and started a quilt for her with all of our signatures & well wishes, plus blocks with uplifting "quilty" sayings.  We took a video of all of us wishing her the best and one still photo, too.  The second friend will deliver all to her as soon as she can.

I'm planning to get my peas started tomorrow in between the clean up and laundry chores.  I also have to get busy and plan some menues for the week, too.  I am fortunate that msH is not coming until Tuesday; I can get more done than when she is "helping".  She IS a good helper, BUT.........

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