Thursday, May 07, 2015

Not exactly ideal times

Our whole household is sick, the DD household is sick, and the G-kid household is sick.  This is some "bug" !  Actually it is probably a couple of "bugs" as mrD, msH & mrM have the flu-one and we have lung one.  Then on top of that the DH got a flare-up of an eye condition caused by a herpes virus in the eye - VERY painful and not much to be done but take anti-virals & use the perscription eye drops (doesn't make the pain lessen, though).

So, as you can imagine not much is being done on the home front.  Here I had an opportunity to go to my quilting small group as msH was not here today and I could not due to the illness - plus I don't want to spread this thing any further !

I have been able to work a bit on the craft room, but there is so much and I can do so little right now.  I feel overwhelmed.  Persevere, persevere I think.

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