Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Tuning up on Tuesday

Not having msH here today - she's off to visit another G-gramma - we can get "a bit" more done, LOL.  We plan to finish the outdoor sheds (organization & down-sizing too).  
Yesterday we went to town and got shelves for organization and the DH got an extension ladder for use in the house painting.

Image result for smiley facesAND i figured out where to put the onions to finish drying - on top of the chicken pen!  We have the top covered with wire to keep them safe from overhead attack & from them getting out, too.  Since there is only one screen and MANY onions I needed another place to put them.  The holes in the wire are small enough to keep most of the onions from falling through.  I will put the small ones on the screen and the larger ones on top of the pen.

Well error in that plan.  I forgot the top of the pen was of wire with big holes and not the inch ones.  So, tomorrow I shall put wire over some of the PVC frames & then add onions.

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