Thursday, September 10, 2015

SAD Thoughts on Thursday

How sad & disappointing !
National Geographic has been sold to the conglomerate owned by Ralph Murdock.  We can say goodbye to actual scientific reporting from the magazine.

I was nearly finished with my sweater for msH  - only to find it will be too small for her.  I'm not sure what went wrong, I would suppose my thought that a size 3 would fit her.  I made gauge swatch, etc, etc, but apparently just "supposing" at a size instead of knowing who that size would fit was the problem.
So now I shall have to rip, buy some more yarn, and start over.  Lucky for me there is a "yarn tasting" at the LYS on Friday & I am going.

The mister is up & around a bit now.  He tends to want to overdo until his knee reminds him that is not a good idea !

msH & I are going up to the small group quilting place so I can retrieve my rotary cutter that I left last week after the ladder incident.  Plus I have to order a part for my freezer (I accidently knocked it off and broke one of the fasteners).  Lucky for me it does not have anything to do with the freezing part, just storage.

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