Thursday, December 10, 2015

Running in place

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That is what it feels like. 
 It seems there is never enough time to get needed things done.

It's been cold, rainy & windy here with not much snow to speak about.  

I have finished nearly all of the handmade gifts - just working on pair of felted slippers and a hat, then they will be done.
Oops, I am also making some mincemeat cookies to send to my dad, but that won't be until a bit later.

I have purchased a few gifts, but there are more to buy.  We will try to find a tree this weekend, too. A few of the decorations are up and we plan to let msH help us put up the creche' tomorrow.

I need to attend a directors meeting for the Wool Gatherers on Sunday and the following Sunday is our holiday party.  I'll have to try to fix something special for the bash.

I have not been able to put the new walking foot on my machine due to a lost screw.  I had to send away for one (and a spare) so am waiting for them to arrive.  The quilting came to a standstill.  I got out fabric and patterns to start some garment sewing projects, though.  

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