Sunday, October 09, 2016

Autumnal musings & new toys for the mister

It's definitly fall here.  It's been raining cold intermitantly for several days now.  Not freezing yet, other than the couple of cold ones that caught my cold intolerant plants.  I've started the run-up to winter in the garden, berry patches & orchard by cleaning, pruning, & putting away tools & hoses.  I've secured some horse manure for the rhubarb & the asparagus, dug all of the potatoes, pulled out all of the corn stocks & am getting the last of the veggie harvests underway.

I'm looking toward the battening down for winter inside, too. Getting some deep cleaning done before the "close up the house" for good time.  There is always a bit to do before the snuggle down & keep warm time comes.

I got some new yarn for msH's sweater and finished up her pair of socks.  I've reached the sleeves on my big sweater and am slowly getting that done.  My 2 pairs of socks at one time suffered a set-back when I frogged back to the start - I did not like the way the cable looked, so just decided to do plain vanilla socks.  I'm also starting a horse costume for her Halloween celebrating.

I'm getting ready to go to Wool Gatherer's Fall retreat next weekend.  I've all the material for the class I'm teaching & will get my spinning wheel & other thing ready in the next few days.  I'm so looking forward the the time off from home - I am still dealing with a lot of depression from my dad's passing & I'm hoping being with my friends & fellow "wool lovers" will help me some.


the mister got himself a brand new motorcycle.  It's a 2017 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic.  Of course he is over the moon.  I have to admit that it does ride nicely and is more roomy and cush than the old one.  And, as I've said many times - "you only live once on this plain".

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