Monday, October 17, 2016

Home again - 'dang it'

And back to doing all the needed stuff before I can focus on doing "fun stuff".
Thank goodness for retreats !!  & massages, too - we had our own message therepist at camp ;~)

It's raining again so I will put my major efforts into the inside today.  I do have to seam up msH's costume so I can try it on her for size this afternoon when I take her to dance class.  Some cleaning, laundry & cooking will take up my day today, I think.  

BUT...... I plan to do a tiny bit of spinning this evening.  I spun nearly an entire 8 oz. white roving while at camp and want to finish so I can do plying with my earlier spun orange wool.  I don't know what these wools were as they were some I got from Jenny's memorial stash and they had no labels.  I think the white one is a superwash BFL, though from the feel of the fibers and its staple length.  I think the orange was some merino from the softness, but it was a shorter staple.
So, later (probably much later) there will be a pic of spun & plied yarn for all to enjoy, ;~) ;~)

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